Thursday, July 17, 2008

New thing I picked up at Blogger.

I like this new list of Blogger's I read. It shows when the person last posted, so I don't need to go to each and every one every day to see if something new is there that I just have to get in on. I spent a bit of time moving y'all over to the new list and then, ahem, I deleted y'all from the old list. Now that didn't hurt a bit did it?

We won't discuss the arguement when I got home from work and asked if it was really above the realm of doableness that there be some clean dishes going on when I get home so I could cook dinner. I was asked by YD to be nicer to MD last week and not evict her for the time being. (I will explain that at a later date, I don't have the liberty to do so now) I will tell you. I would walk to the ends of the earth for that particular daughter, but this...this is really asking too much of her dear ol' mom. I couldn't get along with MD if I had my mouth taped shut and I was blind and deaf! (Oh and lived in a different country) I tried, I really tried, I promise. I left the house yesterday and there were no dirty dishes in the sink. When I came back home yesterday, the sink was full. She was no where in sight. Today, I just said, I want everyone to get in the kitchen and wash the dishes they have used in the past coupla days, and I got this, "Well, most of those are OD's." I looked at OD and she said she had a plate, a fork and a cup dirty...the sink is full I tell ya! Geez! Am I overbearing? A nag? Bitch? Geez again!

So OD washed a pan that she forgot to mention that she used today, and left for work. MD stood in the kitchen fiddling with something and then when I got busy with my blog list she slipped out the back door to go to her room. No dishes done there! I really want to run away from home.

Okay, enough of that.

I went to get pictures of YD's horse to send to her, and one of her girlfriends was there. In fact she helped us catch the horse. Her girlfriend has this little dog. Roper. He's a chi-weiner. I normally don't care for these kinds of dogs, cause usually the chi part of the chi-weiner is shakey, shy, slow to warm up to people, etc., etc. but this little guy grabbed my heart. And I picked him up, cradled him in my arms and he just melted into me. You should see him go after a herd of horses. I wish I had pictures of that! This little guy has GUTS! He doesn't run, he bounds. I had such a blast with him. Well, the whole point to this is that they want to find a home for him. I have thought about it and I am thinking I am going to take him. He would be such a asset in this house. So, there may be a new baby in my house soon...he's nine months old, btw.


Debbie said...

I see, I see! why the pancakes affected you :)

I think you Ms. Claudia have been rewarded for trying with that sweet little doggy grabbing your heart. He just might make a big difference in your house of horrors! LOL. One just never knows what each day will bring! ((Hugs))

Keep on trying hon :)

Stacie said...

First let me say THANK YOU for the comment you left me, you are EXACTLY right!!! I appreciate the positive side that I was NOT looking at at all.

I don't think you are overbearing at all, I believe in the rule of if you live in this house you shall help keep this house clean. Common courtesy!!!

kim-d said...

Hey you, remember me?

I say grab up that Chi-Wi, head home with him, get MD the hell outta there, and settle in for good, happy times with your new pup. I'd say it would be a good trade. That whole thing with the dishes is just ridiculous, Claudia. How the hell old are these people, and you have to tell them to do the dishes? The one does only hers and the other sneaks out? Oh, for pete's sake--just do the freakin' dishes already. I guess this would be one of those reasons they still mooch off you when they should be out on their own? I know, why don't I say what I really feel...BWAHAHAHA. This week has been one of those where I'm feeling pretty honest and, girl, you gotta do something with these young'uns. Unless you don't want to. BWAHAHAHA! As always, listen to me, ignore me, whatever. But know I am here to give you a BIG HUG and say I love ya!