Monday, July 07, 2008

Why Is It...

that I have the money (not just yet, but SOON) and then what I want to spend it on is not around? Dang girl, I have called every stinking place that would even think about carrying the Wii and Wii Fit and NO ONE has it in stock! GRRR! I refuse to cash that stimulus check until I find my prize! If I cash it, I will be tempted to pay a bill or buy groceries, or God forbid buy GAS! Cripes!
I am dizzy with all the phones calls I have made. (can you say
O B S E S S E D?) I am even more dizzy with the many ways are there to say N O? I have heard that one two letter word more in one hour than I had the whole time I was two years old and wanting to touch, pick up, throw, dive in to water, bite the dog, etc., etc. (I think, I don't really have a count on how many no's I heard, but I am sure there were quite a few, I was two after all!)
I just went and got my mail...the checks here! the checks here! But damn, still no Wii's in sight. I hate this. You know damned well, that if I didn't have the money, everybody and their cousins brother would have a Wii and Wii Fit in stock!
Gotta go. I'm going to obsess a little more...maybe someone in San Jose (50 miles away from me) will have one. I AM DETERMINED TO GET THIS THING!
Wish me luck!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

We found our Wii using this.

Just ordered one for a family member using this today.


Debbie said...

Hallie to the rescue!! I'm going there to see what this frenzy is all about. I hope you managed to get one girl!! Good luck if you didn't and keep us posted on the progress or lack thereof :)