Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hi my name is Claudia and I am a Wii-aholic

ALREADY!!! I managed to eat my dinner when I got back from my trip to Toys R Us, some twenty miles away. I was so excited, I didn't want to stall hooking it up! (So much for being a green citizen) Lately, I have been using more gas in a week than I used to use in a month!
So yea...after searching in vain for a Wii and Fit, Hallie came to my rescue and gave me a link to find who had Wii's in stock. Some of the places listed still did not have them. I am sure that those places had them, just not the ones closer to me. But I struck gold when I called this HUGE Toys R Us in San Mateo. I called, the young lady in electronics went and counted how many they had for me. They had ten left! So I told her I was going to go cash my check and be right down. (like she really cared) I did what I had to do, went to the bank, and left the coast for hotter climates. I had written down the directions to get to this place. As many times as I have been there in the distant past and kind of remember where this particular shopping center is and how to get there, even with directions I went in circles for a while. So many new things have been added to the area, so even with directions in hand I got lost!
By the time I got to the store, there were six left, and it only took me about an hour to get there. I can't believe how popular these things are. The young man who was helping me, was a fantastic salesman. He knew his business. He asked very appropriate questions, like "Is this for you? Or a gift?" Me, then he said, "You should know...and explained all kinds of stuff to me, that I was sure I wouldn't remember by the time I got to my car, let alone by the time I got back home. But it brought up questions I should have had to begin with. Let me tell you though, he was very informative and probably saved me hours of aggrevation. I will be writing a letter to his manager and let them know how well he does his minimum wage job! He also made sure that I bought stuff that I hadn't planned on, but needed to have an excellent experience with my new toy. Like spare batteries, and a second remote.
So I stopped at Taco Bell. (also affectionately known as Taco Smells, Taco Hell around here.) All I know is, it is fast, I don't have to cook and it's on my way home. I ate and threw my dishes away...I like that part too...and set out to hook up the Wii. I used to be a whiz at hooking these things up. I could get a computer up and running in a manner of minutes, or a (ahem) VCR hooked up and recording exactly what I wanted it to record. But since I am an older adult now and have children who were born with the instincts of geeks, I am not so knowledgeable about this stuff. Nintendo has it down pat. Easy to read instuctions, lots of pictures, and two points of reference. I like. It wasn't five minutes, but I got it hooked up and the only aggrevation was me trying to contort my body enough to get stuff plugged in behind my 9,000 pound TV and stand. I know, I know, it is actually easier than brushing your teeth!
I put in WiiSports and played for about a half an hour. Now, don't get me wrong, I would have played for a little longer, but it's about twenty degrees hotter here than I am used to and I just ate a heavy meal. And I am so over weight! After about a two minute break and with my obsessiveness, I went back to it for another forty-five minutes or so. Maybe a little too much longer.
I had to take a couple of Tylenol PM's so I could sleep last night. Just one thing the young man at Toys R Us didn't mention I would need to go along with my new Wii!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Did you box? Wait til you get Wii shoulder!! OUCH!!

Hallie :)

Debbie said...

WTG Claudia! I'm so happy you found one and you wore yourself out playing LOL!

I'm going to have to see what all this fuss is about, girl! Do you really think we can get in better shape by doing it? Hell, any movement on my part would be a plus HA HA HA!! Your excitement has me excited! So happy for ya!!

Merry Christmas in July to Claudia!

kim-d said...

Hey Claudia...YAY for your WII!!! You are obviously going to have one awesome WII arm :)!

Just wanted to say hello and let you know I appreciate your comments, even though I've been scarce...it really helps! It's just gonna take some time to get the scheduling down, I think :)!

Big hug and lots of love!

stitcherw said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time, glad you found something you like so well. What type of Wii sports are you playing? Hope you didn't wake up to sore after all that exercise.

Coffee Bean said...

I've got something for ya on my blog!

Stacie said...

YAY....hilarious you had to take a sleep aide. Was that to help the pain of playing or to shut off the brain from wanting more??? LOL

Thanks for your comment it made PERFECT sense!