Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A little bit of a few things done.

I couldn't have planned this pose!

Some friends of YD's came today to pick up some kittens I have been raising for the last nine weeks. I had found homes for all of them, but three of those people had to change their plans. Amanda was going to take one of them and ended up taking all of them for me. She is a critter foster, and will get them all spayed/neutered, and find good homes for them for me. BIG load off my mind and an extra half hour a day. The poor things were living quite comfortably, but since they were born I have had less and less time to spend with them so they are a little wild. No worries. As soon as they are separated and in their permanent homes, they will settle down and enjoy their new humans more. I have never had to ignore furbabies like this, I feel bad, but there was nothing I could do about it. It would have been fine if YD had been able to be here, but she is not and I don't know when she will be able to come back. Amanda is also going to find a home for the other two adult cats I have that I didn't ask for. YD had brought Gata (the kittens mommy) years ago, and then right after I got Purrcy, YD brought Chili who looks like a siamese kitty. He is a little cranky cause I think he would prefer to be the only cat, and he has to share this place with cats, dogs, a bird and a rat. Oh, and humans, which I think he feels is the biggest insult.
So after we visited the kitties for a while Amanda and another friend played Wii for a couple of hours. We did the turns, with next up plays the winner. We had a good time. We laughed and that felt good, cause I haven't had a reason to really laugh for a while. When it was time to go, we gathered the kittens into a big box for their ride home. I gave Amanda my litter boxes, a new bag of litter and some kitten food. After all, she is helping me out, I don't want it to cost her anything.

I had picked up some wood from the lumber yard next door to the hardware store where I work. They had gone over the whole lumber yard and cleaned it up really good which meant they threw out pieces of wood that aren't good for building. But it's great for burning! Sunday after work I went through the dumpster where they tossed the wood and gathered it. Today I cut it up into pieces that will fit in my fireplace. I am starting to stock pile for the winter. I love a good fire, and it'll help keep my heating bill down. I just need to gather wood from here on through to November and we should have enough to last us throughout December - March. I HOPE! My only wish is that I could sleep in the frontroom during the winter, cause the warmth is in there and not in the bedrooms. I DO NOT WANT the $500 a month gas and electric bills I had last year. (and they have told us the rates are going up!!!)
I got the dreaded laundry all done this morning. It was an uneventful trip, again. I love when laundry is actually boring. I just got it all done and put away nice and neat and I don't have to think about it until next Monday or Tuesday.
Tomorrow is back to work after a (what feels like) short weekend. I have to start setting up a new way to order my products, because the rep I had for my stuff has left his position. He said MAYBE a new guy will come in. But I don't live by maybes, so I am going to start fixing my new ordering ways.
I hope you all have a great week!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

We have 3 cords of wood coming. Can't wait to stack all that. :(


Debbie said...

I'm sorry..WHY can't you sleep wherever the hell you want? It's your house :)

Just relocate...say you're moving to FL for the winter!

I'm glad the kittens have been taken care of and that's off your mind. You sound a little bit better and I'm happy. I should do something and maybe I'd feel the same!