Wednesday, July 30, 2008

People I hate

I know. Hate is a strong word. But there are people who make me hate them. They are people who look you straight in the eye and lie through their teeth. Then walk away with a smirk on their face as if you didn't get that they were lying. I encountered one such person tonight. I have never cared for this woman. I always thought that there was something not right with her, something a tad askew. She is a "friend" of My YD's
She called me at work all out of breath and dramatic. "Oh!" she says, "I just had to talk to you, I'm glad you answered!" Then proceeds to tell me that they had cut the locks on YD's tack room at the ranch (with an expensive saddle inside) and there were people who were getting ready to start taking all of YD's things. But how she had come in a saved the day and now she wanted me to have all of YD's things so could she bring them right over.
Supposedly, they cut the locks, because they rented out a stall and paddock and the tack room was supposed to go with it. (That right there is poppycock) YD's horse is in pasture right now and she needed the tack room cause SHE WORKS THERE! N.E.WAy...She shows up at work, and we put all the tack in the back of my truck. I locked it up and started back into the store. She said I'll meet you inside I have to pick up something. So we get in the store, and she wants to know where the...padlocks are...because the lock they cut on YD's tack room was...her it wasn' was YD's lock...(?) Because if it was this friend's lock on there, why didn't she just use her key??? Then she blows it even more by telling me that the new manager of that ranch is her new boyfriend...(???) SCUZZY WOMAN!

I'll tell not piss on my back and then tell me it's raining. I know these things.

UPDATE ON THE REMOTE...It's still MIA. Maybe I gave it away with the kittens yesterday!


Tilly said...

I've just found your blog via 'down-to-earth' and I'm really enjoying it. This post has such relevance to me as it's a situation I'm in with my new neighbour. He's having an extension built and the builders keep working beyond the time allowed by planning rules. I couldn't decide whether I should complain but by 6:30pm I couldnt stand the noise of the digger anymore. I rang my neighbour (he hasnt moved in yet but I have his number) and very nicely asked if the building work could end as per the rules. He claimed that he wasnt aware that there are any rules. This is such a blatant lie as we have discussed the building work many times and always the subject of working hours has come up! I was staggered by his attitude and sad that we're clearly not getting 'nice' new neighbours.

Regarding the remote - we lost ours recently and it had gone right down the back of the sofa. Not just between the cushions but right into the framework. Good luck in finding yours!


Debbie said...

Oh, I love the do not piss on my back and tell me it's raining!!!!!

I'm going to steal it and use it LOL :)

I cannot and will not tolerate liars. Especially when there is no reason to lie. My best friend does this and has no idea she's doing it. Drives me insane.