Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nice and quiet here

It's been a nice quiet week here at the old homestead. MD has worked a couple of days passing out Burt's Bees samples at "events". Loud raucous concerts, she can have it. I guess she is right in her element at these "events".
My girlfriend scored tickets for her and I to go to a Heart, Journey, Cheap Trip concert at the end of September. That will be fun. I am going to need the time out. Her grandma passed away Tuesday and had been failing the week before, so she has been into the family getting together all the last week or so, so we didn't go to our usual free concert on Friday. It's okay, we still have time. She and her family put together a beautiful memorial for the grandma.
I'm on my way to work. It's Super saturday, so it should go by quickly.
College starts up for OD in a few weeks, so she is spazing out trying to get everything together for that. Her financial stuff comes in three to four weeks after school starts, so there is always ranting and raving to be heard while she scrambles to get her books and whatnots bought for her classes. You would think she'd learn after so many years of doing the same thing over and over. She cracks me up!
I have done nothing special or spectacular this week. I love absolutely normal life for me here!
Y'all have a wonderful weekend!


TrixieTaxi said...

Ooh, now I'M jealous ... a teepee!! How cool would the looks be when you tell complete strangers you live in a teepee?! Totally worth it just for that reason. Yup.

I tried the houseboat thing when I moved up here. I have a fear of water and I confronted it head-on. For about 3 days. Yeah, still afraid of the water. :o)

Journey, Cheap Trick, Heart ... aaaahhhh ... the 80's. And 3 of my top faves. Can you FEEL the envy from this end of the country?? ;o)

Debbie said...

LOL, have we learned yet? No.

I use Burt's Bees lip stuff. It's great. Sounds like things are calm for now :) I'm happy for you!