Monday, August 04, 2008

I Blew Up at Work

This is Utah and my daughter.

Remember people I hate? It should have just said person I hate. This woman is dangerous. She's been in my store three times in one week. My antennas are up. This woman needs to take a chill pill or something is gonna happen! Maybe I fixed it yesterday, I hope I didn't make it worse! She came in first thing yesterday morning. Let me preface this by saying Saturday afternoon she came in and bought some chain and stuffys for the ranch, to keep people out of "her" area. While I was ringing her purchases up she is making idle conversation in which she so happily tells me that her 15 year old daughter had taken Utah (YD's horse) out twice. brain is thinking WTF! So I calmly (as calmly as I could) say why? What would she be taking him out for? Oh, she says, just to give him a bath and walk him around for excercise. Um, um...NO, she doesn't need to take him out. He is a dangerous horse to the uninformed on the Utah's of the world. He is my daughter's horse, which means, he is dangerous. My daughter buys horses that no one else can handle and tames them. Nobody, but nobody has any business whatsoever taking that horse N.E.WHERE! Because of her boldness in just taking over everything that has to do with my daughter, I stammered and studdered and said I will talk to YD about this. You shouldn't be taking him out.
Luckily, I was going to see YD that evening, and when I told her, she freaked out! I felt bad, cause right now, she has no control over what is going on and can't do anything in person about the situation at the ranch and only has me to intercept anything for her. So I told her I would "fix" it. She asked me to go to the woman who runs that particular part of the ranch. So I am going to talk to her today.
Well, yesterday, she came in the store first thing in the morning. (joy, joy, just how I wanted to start my day) She ambled up to the service counter, all cutsey and stuff. I just looked at her and capital letters...under no circumstances are you, or anyone around you to touch that horse again! Period, don't argue with me! She comes back with, we were just trying to help, he needed a bath. (well, no he didn't) and it was after the ranch closed so he was safe. (um, no, he wasn't, you weren't, the cars on the highway next to the ranch weren't) I just lit into her. What if he had gone crazy and done his little I'm going to stomp you to death dance? What if he got loose and went through the fence (it's happened) ran across the highway caused and accident and someone died? No one would be suing you, no one would be suing the ranch, someone would be suing my daughter! And if he hurt your daughter, I am so absolutely positive that you would find a way to make my daughter pay for damages. So leave the horse in the pasture, where he is happiest and where he can cause no harm to anyone. The ranch hands don't even mess with him, he is not a little girls horse!
Soon after I blasted her, she disappeared. I think I won't be seeing her much unless I go to the ranch, which is where I wil be in an hour or so. Wish me luck, I don't really want to blow up again.

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Debbie said...

Congratulations..the rant was long overdue. She's just trying to get your goat and IMPLY no one is taking care of Utah. I hate it when people do this!!! WHAAAAAAA...

Hopefully you've shut her up for awhile!!

Parents wanting to fix...we posted similar, didn't we? :)