Saturday, August 09, 2008

Remote is home!

I don't know, I think I may have to calm my life down a bit. There is just too much excitement going on, on a daily basis.
The remote apparently took a side trip to the back house. Out there it doesn't have to work. I guess what happened is that "someone" set the remote on her pile of stuff to go out to her room and then took it there. Once out there, she just kind of tossed the pile of stuff and the remote landed in the middle. She finally cleaned her room yesterday and there was the remote just having a fine time not using up it's batteries.
Now I have to hook up the cable again, cause I couldn't change channels with it hooked up so I had disconnected it. YAY! Lazy TV watching again!
In other news, I haven't seen the stalker bitch lately. You know the one who decided to take over my daughter's horse. I haven't seen her car at the ranch either. One of the ranch hands honked at waved at me the other day as I went by him. They have never done that before. Maybe I have solved some other problems by being so bitchy myself. Glad I could help!
I cut my finger the other night. I was chopping off the tips of some green beans I was going to steam up for dinner, and one of them rolled, letting the knife come down on my finger. Oh freakin' OUCH! I cut it pretty deep. No one was home. My neighbors weren't home...I wondered what I should do. Cause I was getting woozy. I wrapped it up in a clean dish towel (the only thing really handy) and held it over my head while I played Pogo games until it stopped bleeding. It took awhile. I finally got brave enough to check out the damage I had done. I cut off a little of my fingernail along with it. I made myself a bandage out of rolled gauze and some of that tape they use for boo-boos and left it alone for another little while. It'll be okay, but it's gonna leave a scar. It hurts like hell still, I guess I cut some nerves. Hey! If your gonna do something, do it right I say! Now I can't wash dishes for a couple of days. Oh darn!
I'm off to get ready for work. It's gonna be a long one I am thinking. Saturday, everybody in town is back from whatever vacations they took and all are getting ready for school now. I like it busy, but then some days I don't want to be bothered by customers. (Nice attitude isn't it?) I'll make the best of it. You know there are some days I think I should be in Hollywood with all the great acting I have to do!
Hope you all have a great day!


stitcherw said...

I'm so glad the remote finally turned up. How frustrating to know it had to be around somewhere and not know where. Hopefully hooking everything back up wasn't to much of a hassle.

Your lamp is sounding so
interesting, and I'd love to see how your afghan is progressing, so any chance of pictures?

Glad the crazy lady hasn't been around lately. How scary to have to had to constantly worry that the idiot would do something to allow the horse or someone to get injured. Hope your finger has healed up pretty much too, sounds like a really nasty cut you gave yourself.

Debbie said...

Green bean fingers (sorry) and thank God you found that remote! LOL, I knew it was somewhere weird!

And you play Pogo? Yeehaa! I do too. I'm also glad you've finally gotten rid of stalker bitch. Maybe she got the message :)

I hope your finger feels better soon :)