Monday, August 04, 2008

This idea of mine

So, before I create anything, I have this vision of whatever it is I am going to create running around in my mind. Sometimes for a couple of days, sometimes for months, in this case it has been a year. Let's just say that I don't like jumping into anything with both feet all at once. I have to "see" it from all angles before I make it.
In this case, I have been "watching" this ambiance lamp in my head. It has changed forms several times, and today I started it. It is totally not the first lamp I saw when I first decided to make one. I also had the placement of it long before the lamp was started. Now though, I have to change where it will live, because it has grown in size.
What I have done with it so far is to take a big ring, about 18" across and attached it with jewelery wire at four points to a smaller ring. The rings are horizontal, and parallel to each other. Then I attached the smaller ring to a keysized ring at four points. The keysized ring is vertical and will be what the whole lamp hangs from.
I will be sewing this white gauzy material that I had for curtains for a while. I am going to sew that in four sections around the medium sized middle ring and let it drap over the bigger bottom ring. Where I sew it on the middle ring, I will sew some of my beads into the seam line. When all the sewing is done I will somehow afix the string of small blue Christmas lights that I have had forever. I don't know that this lamp will be the prettiest, but I wanted to check out my idea and see how it turns out.
Now, where should I hang it???


stitcherw said...

Your idea for the lamp sounds really neat, I'll enjoy seeing pictures of it as you work on it. I'm not good at visualizing things, but I like the feel your description gives of the white gauzy fabric and beads and such, it sounds almost fairy like.

Saw where you are still on the hunt for the remote. What a pain, I hope you find it soon. Otherwise as soon as you break down and buy one, that will be when you find it (at least that generally happens to me).

I can't believe what an idiot that woman was in your previous post, what part of leave the horse alone he's dangerous did she just not get? And you'd think she'd have paid a bit more attention given it was her daughter at risk too. I hope she took what you said to heart and stays away and lets your daughter work her magic on Utah without her interference.

Debbie said...

In my exhaustion and pissery I cannot comprehend the you will be forced to take a photo and post it when it is completed :)

I'm glad it was a peaceful laundry experience today and no moron touched your folded clothes... :)

Thanks for the job support, but I think they have let me go, since I'm not willing to work 13 hours a day P/T for any further amount of time...piss on them!