Monday, August 18, 2008 is Monday.

I got up fairly early for my day off. It was a nice little sleep in, but not headache producing cause I slept too much. I still got up and had my coffee for a little too long at the computer, but hey! It's my day off!
I swept the front room and got out my Wii and the Fit and exercised for 30 minutes, then went onto Wii Sports and did a little work out with the bowling ball. I think I played that thing for an hour today. Making up for lost time...I missed it for three days in a row. I don't like that it happened, but my schedule at work and the little goodies I have to do in between kind of got in the way of my Wii time. I am going to have to figure out a schedule of sorts so I can get on it at least six days a week.
I started making a purse today. My old one is breaking, the snaps are coming off of it. Normally, I would run down to our local Ross Store and stand there for two hours trying to pick something out that would suit me, but I have no money for a purse and I do have a couple of patterns and material to do it with, so I am making my own.
I have been reading Down to Earth and trying to follow some of her suggestions to living a simpler life. Believe me, this could take me a while, but I won't learn a thing if I dive in with both feet. Baby steps, baby steps. So here I have all the stuff I need to make the purse. I am saving gas, time and money! That's a great baby step to me!
I am also making a "salted"* attempt to make bread again today. *See August 12th's post. I'll be sure and let you know how this batch turns out. (I have regular salt today...)
I also need to work on that light I started a few weeks back. I had to stop working on it, because I need a place to hang it from so I can attach the material to the top ring. That is going to require me to place a hook in the ceiling in my front room, because that is where I have the most room to move around it freely. I suppose I should have thought about that while I was planning out the lamp itself! But that's the way I roll...
My new keyboard is working just fine. I am not making new words up anymore and there are spaces in between the legitimate words I type. It's amazing how much pleasure can be gotten from a simple thing like a keyboard that works. It still cost me too much, but oh well...I'm saving money on a purse.
Hope you all have a great week. I'll update the purse and bread situation sometime later this week!


stitcherw said...

Good luck with the purse. I like the idea of making your own, then you can have the pockets and such the way you want them, the right size, and in a pattern and shoulder length you want. So many times I find a purse that has one or two of the things I'm looking for, but then has other things I don't like. I so hate purse shopping. Good luck too setting up the hook for working on your lamp. Glad you got in some Wii time, it sounds like you're really enjoying it.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You think I'd even look good in burlap? I LOVE YOU!