Sunday, August 31, 2008

Long week, short post

I just was here and wrote the longest post ever. When I published it, I was embarrassed for myself, so I deleted it. I was rambling.
In short, my week felt like about ten years. I don't know why. You know how when you were little and there was like a b'day party coming up on the weekend or your mom said you could have a sleep over with a friend or something fun like that, the week just never seemed to end? I had no b'day party or sleep over or anything to look forward to, but man, talk about slow as molasses in the dead of winter! Cripes, I thought today would never get here.
But here it is, and I am full of anticipation for tomorrow. I am going to play with my "new" washer...YAY! and then go to the laundry mat to dry the clothes because fog is predicted as our weather for the day. Fog has a tendency to make the clothes more wet, rather than dry them. I also get to play with my newest toy, which is a tiny version of a chainsaw on the end of a pole. I am going to do the Cailfornia style of chainsaw massacre on that tree out on the side of my garage, before the tree lifts the eaves on it! Plus the sooner I can get it down and cut up into smaller pieces, the sooner it will dry out and I can gleen some heat from it during the winter.
I have to wage war on some stupid fleas that came to us with the help of some pretty hot days. I never have had that much of a flea problem. Just keep the dogs bathed, and the cats powdered, and we've been fine. Until the middle of last week. Now it's Flea City. So I am going to go and get some Diatomaceous Earth, and get those little rat bastards. All 50 gazillion of them! I also am going to put bowls of water out at night when the dogs are in my room with me. You put little night lights above the bowls of water and a drop or two of dish soap in the water and the stupid fleas dive right in. The soap makes them sink. And as a last resort I have flea bombs. I hate those things, cause you have to leave your house for four hours and then come back and clean up everything in sight before you or the animals can be at home again. So that is always my last resort.
Okay, I think this is getting longer than the short post I promised. I hope you all have a great whatever you are into and that your week goes faster than mine did, so you can be back on weekend duty! I'm looking forward to seeing you all later!

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Debbie said...

Yikes, sorry about the fleas. They can be rat bastards! I never knew about the soapy water bowls. Something so simple and hopefully that will work!

Thanks for thinking of me and the storm. I think I'm too far West for it to affect me, thank goodness. You be careful working on that tree, girl!!