Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yesterday is but a memory

Thank Gawd! I do not want to relive the whole thing, maybe parts of it like when we went through the Mickey D's drive through...and I said Chicken-whatever funny and it made my MD laugh so hard she got me laughing and then I almost peed my pants and then the guy at the window collecting money started laughing cause you know I couldn't stop laughing. I think it was the fact that we had just gone through the stupidest part of our day and it was truely exasperating and we were this close to being hysterical. So laughter ensued...and I am glad for that.
I get it in my head from time to time to do something and I am not going to stop til I get it done. Somehow, yesterday mid morning-ish, I decided to find a washer and dryer because I am just sick and tired of hauling my dirty laundry into public to wash and dry and then when OD and I went Monday evening it was a man fest at the laundry mat and I hate man fests. (Especially when they are doing their own laundry, they are worse than a bunch of old women, I swear)I told MD to look on Craigslist to find me a reasonably priced washer. I don't care what color it is. It's in the garage for cris-sake who gives a hoot?!? She found a few. We called the ones that had phone numbers attached, as opposed to emailing the ones with no phones. (It's a little faster when you are on a mission)
I got one call back from one we left a message at. I got ahold of one live person and we decided to go there. They had a washer and dryer for $100. Older, but working and clean. So we got the information from her and agreed that 3 o'clock was a good time to go look at the pair. We got all ready to go. There was recycling in the back of the truck so we left early to go and sell that. They removed the recycling center sometime in the last coupla weeks! We went to the bank to get money out for the washer/dryer. We went to another recycler on the way, and there was a hella long line, so decided to wait til after we got the appliances and were on our way home. Well, first thing I did wrong was to leave my celly on the desk were I had used it last and not put it in my purse (dummy) The place where the washer was is WAY the frick and gone up a mountain in back of the city where they told me it was. So we get all the way up there and find there is no way to get ahold of the people cause it is a gated community and you have to have a celly or know the people's last name or code to get in. We went back down the mountain to get to a payphone. Do you know those are few and far between now? We had to pay for a parking spot to go and use a payphone. (thank gawd the phone worked) We got the people's code and went back up the mountain and into the gated community. We found the place with no problem and talked to the lady, looked at the washer/dryer, gave her the money and then loaded up the prize.
That was a blast! We had to put them on their sides to get them into my truck. I got a nasty gash on my hand and MD got her fingers squished. Then we tried to get all the recycling back into the back of the truck with the washer/dryer. Hmm. Yeah! Got most of it in there and the rest had to ride up front with MD. (snicker, snicker) We are talking big girl, small truck cab here.
So we leave with all our parts and travel down the mountain, go to the recyclers, with the long line. Park. Start to get out. A lady in line says to us...they're closed, I am the last one in line. Hmmm. Okay, there is one more recycler on the way home. So we head there. He is open. Turns out, he is the one where we used to go by our house. Nice, they want us to recycle, but they want us to use more gas to get there to do it...does this make sense to anyone out there? MD sells her garbage and goes to the grocery store to collect her money.
So off we go towards home to install the new goodies. First we had to move the broken washer, clean up the floor and area around it, put the new one in place. Then for the dryer. I had (and still have) a gas dryer. I bought a electric dryer. No problemo. I have the outlet for the electric in a different place in the garage than the gas dryer. YAY! For me! So we clean up the spot for it, put it in place hook up the vent, plug it in, and turn it on...nothing. Change settings, push the button, nothing. CRAP!!!
I pulled the plug, replugged it back in. Pushed button. Changed settings, pushed button. Rattled dryer, pushed button. NOTHING, DAMMIT! So I got a washer for $100. There was no place to plug in anything to test it out up there. I was going on pure faith. But at least the washer works. I have a friend who fixes appliances. I will have him come out and look at both dryers and fix them. Then, I will have two dryers working and will be able to wash and dry laundry at lightening speeds. Washer takes a half an hour tops, dryers longer. When one load is done washing put it in dryer, start another wash load and when it's done put it in the other waiting, like at the laundry mat, except no quarters!
So yeah. Yesterday is gone. The washer is washing. The dryer is just sitting there. I suppose it would be all green of me to just make everyone hang their laundry in the back yard. When it's not foggy. That would be this week, probably not next week. And winter is quickly approaching. So wash the clothes and hang them out to get rained on? I think not.
Enough of that! Have a good one...


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I love the Oscar Meyere wiener song about me!

You're so clever!!


Debbie said...

WOW! First, Hallie!! She's clever cause she managed to get a damn friggin washer and dryer loaded up in her truck and get it installed with daughter in tow helping and suffered massive injury and is still smiling and happy with purchase! (except for dryer) Sorry about that one. Hoping it's a small repair!

Wow woman! I'm proud of you! Git-R-Done should be your middle name!!

I'm also tickled you don't have to hang out with the men at the mat any more :)

What a productive day and I'd be in stitches at McD's from exhaustion! Thank MD for me for helping out her MOM!!