Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter's here! Easter's here!

Okay, so what now? I have an extra day off. I am spending part of that at my dad's, because his washing machine blew a belt and I have repaired mine before and know what steps to take. It's like teaching your teacher something new. I love it! He had called the store at 5 PM and asked when we close. Someone told him 6PM. He knew he had to get there before that so he could fix the washer. While he was getting the belt, he came around to find me and told me what was going on, so I told him I would stop by to see what the damage was. I need to go over tomorrow to lend a hand and some tools. Can you believe it?!? I have tools that my dad needs and I have. We're switching roles here! He said he didn't want to take my time off. Well, hell, I can remember when my dad had weekend projects going on when somewhere out of the blue someone came up with these new fangled things called skateboards. He went and found some old shoes skates (remember those anyone?) of mine, and turned one into a skateboard. Well, when all my friends from around the hood got word that I had the first skateboard in Montara made specially for me by my dad...he had a dozen or more kids in the garage with shoe skates to be turned into the newest craze in town. Soon we were all sporting neat new skateboards all custom made. He even put some of that cool reflecting tape on them in different ways so we had our own designs. Now, if he can take time out of his busy tinkering weekend projects to make a dozen or more skateboards for a bunch of freckley faced kids, then by golly I can take the time to help him fix his washer. Besides it'll be like the good old days when he was raising me in his garage.
I am assigning Easter Egg hunting grounds for everyone before I leave, so part of it is done when I get back. I'm not trying to get out of any of the work. Part of this is diplomatic stuff. Ya know? You need to go to other countries and keep the peace flowing. My dad owns this house and I am here at his bidding. Without that I would not be making it, so I need to help him as much as I can, I will never be able to repay entirely him for the roof over my head, but I can damn well try.
Well, the kids have all left for a party over the hill. The hosts requested that everyone wear a white shirt or blouse. Um...I guess it is honor of Easter. If you knew these kids like I know these kids, you'd be wondering why. These are some heavy partiers and white just doesn't seem to go. I guess I may get so see pictures later, if my daughter allows me. Go figure.
So, I think I will "treat" myself to dinner Mickey D's, not because I like it, but because I am hungry and it is really convenient.
So to all a Happy Easter!

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kim-d said...

I think it is so great that you and your Dad have such a great bond. I used to have that with my Dad, too--and, if he's still alive, I have hope that maybe it could be at least sort of that way again. YA NEVER KNOW! So, it makes me happy that you and yours obviously have such a nice relationship!

And just so you know, I would have gone to Mickey D's with you. Or maybe I would have talked you into something just a liiiiiitle better, like maybe Wendy's. HAHAHA!

Now it's back to "normal" with no holidays until Memorial Day. Darn. I love me a good holiday! But I'm just happy today is a day off...I'll be stalking for a new post from you...


And I love you, too...