Saturday, March 01, 2008

Phone Calls

So a few months back, I started getting these phone calls asking for my dad. That is not unusual, because the phone here is in his name. I always just say he isn't in right now, can I give him a message. They give me the information and I pass it along to my dad. This one company kept calling after I had given my dad the message several times. I know my dad would take the appropriate measures to answer whatever questions the caller had and that should be it. No, not in this case.
I finally got tired of taking the same message over and over, so pretended to be my dad. I just lowered my voice a little and they went for it. Turns out that this company had some insurance claim for some guy with the same name as my dad. They asked for an address to verify that I was indeed the person they were looking for. When I gave them as address they didn't have in their records the questions started. Did you ever reside at this address in Texas? Nooo. How about this address in San Francisco? Nooo again.
Then I started asking questions. Like what the hell do you think you are doing here? I want to know what you are looking for and why, I want to know exactly which person by my dad's name you want. What is going on? Is my dad a victim of identity theft?
What this company does, is if they can't find the exact person they want, they generate ALL the people with the same name or even close to it and start calling! And they don't stop calling until they get whatever it is they think they are going to get from you. Or until you threaten them with your attorney. (You know, the attorney who lives in your back pocket at all times for such occasions) They so backed off suddenly. I told them if they called me one more time I would have their license and there would be a law suit bigger than the national debt. (I know that wouldn't happen, but these people who call and harrass you are only getting minimum wage and don't know that)
The phone has been silenced, at least from them.
I got so much rest the last couple of days. It feels good. When I played hooky from school Thursday night I didn't do anything. I had delusions of grandeur. I was going to work on a project for school, but didn't. Instead I went to the shopping center and picked up my favorite treat for dinner. Hawiian BBQ. Came home, ate it, and went to bed. AT 8:30PM!!! Got up early yesterday for my early shift at work and came home to completely vege out. I even slept in a little this morning. I didn't get up until 7AM. So, now I am showered and dressed and ready to do my late shift at work. I get off at 6 tonight. Tomorrow is my "Friday". Hopefully, I will get some things done over my weekend. We are supposed to be getting some pretty weather for my days off. That always energizes me.
I hope you all have a great day.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

What is Hawaiin BBQ?


kim-d said...

I will be back later to leave you a REAL comment, but I just wanted to quickly say...that phone call thing is extremely creepy. Extremely! And also, I was wondering about the Hawaiian BBQ, too, and then I read your description over at Hallie's, and can I just say...NUMMMMMMM! I want me some Hawaiian BBQ right now, and maybe later, too!



kim-d said...

Hey you! This still isn't the REAL comment. But it will be soon, just don't know exactly when...HAHAHA! But ya know I'm thinking of ya, right?

((((((REAL HUG, THOUGH))))))