Monday, March 03, 2008

Guess what I got.....

I mentioned it in my earlier post. I was gonna check out a couch, we were looking on Craig's list and found some possibilities. I'm very impatient when it comes to purchasing stuff. If I decide I want something I don't want to go days and days looking at all the possibilities. I know about what I want and when I see something that comes close enough I get it. I have never been really sorry about any of my decisions, unless it came to some men. Usually what I buy is good enough. I don't go for fancy schmancy stuff either. I just want what works and looks relatively okay in my house. My daughter called a couple of numbers but had to leave messages. I sent out a couple of e-mails and got responses almost immediately. I made one phone call and the lady told me I could come after 4 to see the couch AND loveseat she had for sale. Someone else was going to look at it tomorrow. By then my daughter had taken her friend to work, so I called her to find out how available she was going to be for the rest of the afternoon. Which, since she is not working at the moment, her availability to me is open. (It had better be) So I called the woman back and we set up a time and I got to moving. We got there at around 6:30 I looked, I liked, I sat, I liked, I gave her the money and we made two trips home and back to pick it all up. We brought the couch home first with most of the cushions then went back and picked up the loveseat. Eighty dollars!!!!!!! And it is a really nice set. It's black and beigey stripes, with three cushions for the back on the loveseat and five cushions for the back of the couch. Or whichever way I want to put them. The cushions all have the same color scheme, but three of them are black with beige ovally looking things all over and the other cushions are black background with beige pasley print. Totally me. I am so excited, I may sit around on them all day tomorrow! (Or sleep on them) Now, we just have to train the dogs to stay off. These are nice enough that the dogs don't get free rein with them.
Now my frontroom looks so small. I always have felt I had a fairly big frontroom. Now, not so much. At one point while we have lived here, we had furniture to fill the room, but I got tired of it, or it broke or what ever, and I would just get rid of it and never replaced it til now.
If you notice in the second picture, the training is going well with the little dog. Um...she runs me, I don't run her.
OH! and behind the loveseat, you can see my new "window" it's all ready to have the tropical beach painted on it. Don't mind the mess, in the back ground either...I have still not put away my toys...I mean tools yet!

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kim-d said...

Hey, very nice!!!! And such a good deal!!!! YAY for you, Claudia--and also YAY for Little Dog for having a comfy place to nap. HAHA--I just can't help it--such a CUTE dog. Once you get used to your new furniture, your room will go back to seeming normal-sized. When I first got my new furniture, I thought it was "too much" and there wasn't enough room; I arranged the new stuff so different from how it had ever been before. Now I can't imagine it any other way. Have a good day, lounging on your furniture--just you and Little Dog :)!