Saturday, March 08, 2008

Not Much Going On

I had my early day at work yesterday, and figured I'd come home and do something with my extra daylight hours for a change. I am such a creature of habit. I did nothing. The last hour of the day at work was really boring, so I got tired from doing much of nothing. I did have computer work, so I was on that thing for hours and that always wears me out. So, I came home and practiced watching movies in the prone position on my new couch. It was nice, didn't see much of the movie, cause my eyes were closed! I woke up disoriented, and groggy. I hate that feeling.
They did hire my friend from another job. She came in yesterday for her orientation. The GM is so excited to have a new hire who has experience. I was happy when she told me that. Makes me feel good that I have contributed a good thing. (person) I think my friend will fit in with our craziness at work just perfectly. She knows a lot about the system, being the same corporation is fueling this store as the last hardware store we both worked at. They even threw caution to the wind in hiring her. Our store owners have just purchased and are renovating a new site and have put us all on a tight budget. There were going to be NO NEW HIRES! But...since she has the hardware experience under her belt she got in. YAY!
I don't know when I will be working with her again, I know she is coming in Monday, but I am off Monday and Tuesday, so it may not be until Wednesday. They are still working out her schedule.
I am not having much luck with the dog training. My couches are covered in blankets and sheets so they won't get dirty from the dogs. I will work on them while I am home this weekend.
I have to work on my sewing machine too. Something went wrong with it while I was working on the quilt. I have done everything I can think of to fix it. It was just plain weird. I sewed some seams and went to iron those. Then pinned another layer on, when I went to sew it the machine wouldn't work properly. So what happened while I was ironing??? It may be as simple as a thread got caught in the race, my eyesight isn't so good so I couldn't see anything off hand and it doesn't help that I am using black thread. I will have to dig into it on Monday. I have to get that fixed! The quilt needs to be done by June! Looks like a few other projects are going to go by the wayside when I get the machine fixed, cause I am going to have to go gang-busters to finish it in time.
I am off to work...wish me fun!


stitcherw said...

That's great that your friend will be working there, sounds like the timing was perfect for both of you. Good luck with fixing your sewing machine. That would be so frustrating to have it work when you left and come back and it won't. Hope it turnes out to be easily fixed once you find it, as it sounds like you're going to be quite busy.

Also, congratulations on your new couch, and good luck with figuring out how to keep the dogs off. I've given up and have a couch cover over mine. I can pull it off and send it through the wash, or pull off when someone is coming over and I want it to look a little nicer. Works pretty good at keeping the dirt and hair off the couch.

kim-d said...

Hey you! Since I'm up early, I thought I'd better get around and comment before that inevitable-crash-that-is-to-come-from-waking-up-so-early-on-my-day-off. HA!

I am so glad that your friend was hired; it's always nice to be able to work with a kindred spirit, and a kindred spirit with previous work experience is doubly nice :)! Anything that lessens the amount of workplace stress we have to deal with is GOOD!

And speak of workplace my workplace is my house, and I will be experiencing the stress of trying to shovel it out. I am a very messy sick person. Now I get to deal with the aftermath...HAHAHA! Then nap. Not HA! Have a good day, Claudia, and I'm gonna try to get around again tonight...