Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Morning

It's Spring, a time of renewal. I am hoping that there will be renewal here in this house. I have told the girls that we are having a different kind of Easter Egg hunt here this year. The eggs will be in the form of dirt and garbage and trash. We will hunt them down and get rid of them. I want a clean house for a change. I can't do it all myself ya'know? The prize for finding the most "eggs"? Ya get to live in a clean house! I'm so generous..I know.
Off to work. Yesterday was a blast! The customers were in rare moods for a change. Everyone was laughing and goofy. It's kind of spooky coming from a bunch of contractors. Hey you won't find me complaining. I am off work tomorrow. My first holiday in a year. I usually don't work Mondays anyway, so all holidays that fall on Mondays are not extra for me, so this is nice. I have a three day weekend without the guilt of a lower paycheck.
Happy Easter everyone!


stitcherw said...

Hmmm, sounds like a great idea to me. However, somehow I don't think I can get my kids (since are all the 4 footed and furry variety at home at the moment) to buy into the plan. To bad, with 5 of them we could make good headway if they did. :)
I'm not going to count the two gecko's in with the group, all they seem to do is sleep under the heat lamp. Actually taking a nap like that (or a sunbeam like my one cat is in) doesn't sound like such a bad idea.
Glad work went well and people were in a good mood, and enjoy your extra time off for the holiday.

kim-d said...

I can feel myself being energized by your Easter cleaning frenzy. But then I get all tired out from being energized, and lie on the couch with two fuzzy kitties. In my slovenly hovel of a house. But ya know what? IT IS OKAY because I am the one making the mess. You can damn sure bet that if someone else was making the mess, IT WOULD NOT BE OKAY and they would be cleaning up post-haste! Nothing like a little double-standard to keep things whirling. And my personal motto "she who holds the title sets the standards."

Okay, so that isn't really my personal motto. I just now made it up, but it seemed like it might fit? And all of those wacky, kooky customers of yours yesterday? Apparently, many of your blogger friends ***cough**me**cough*** have been smokin' the same thing as them :)! Not really :). Just happy. Naturally happy. Natural high. Like Rocky Mountain. But only in MN. So how does it sound--"Lutsen Mountain High, in Minnesota" (sang in nasally John Denver, rest his soul, voice).

Remember! You love me! And I thank you. HAHAHAHAHA!