Monday, March 31, 2008

Not such good news

My dad has taught me a lot of stuff over all these years. But the one thing he could never get me to learn was how NOT to whine about stuff. He never grumbles, whines, sighs heavily or even mentions things that are bugging him or are wrong or anything. I don't know how he ever keeps it all in. This is a rather cool trait, I admire it, cause I thrive on whining. (or could you tell?) It is also something I must whine about. Ya see? Part of his not mentioning anything that is going on that is bad, or slightly irritating, keeps us from knowing what is really going on with him.
The last time I saw him at the hardware store, I saw him coming up the main aisle towards the service counter. My heart jumped a little...hell, a lot, because he looked OLD! Yes, he is 86, but he has never looked old. But in my way, I brushed it off, and ran over to him and gave him a kiss and a hug, like I always do. Then started up a conversation. He said, they (he and his girlfriend) had been to a doctors appointment. I never gave that a second thought, because, well, he is 86 and there are things that need to be checked on. We talked about the lake, and the cars, and what he has growing in his garden at the moment, and then they left. I gave it no further thought.
Last night, I was on the computer for about an hour before bed, and at the last minute decided to look at my email. I kind of quit checking it, because it is always the usual forwards and I am not in the mood for all the jokes my removed from California friends send and political triades that my dad's friend Bill sends. But last night there were two emails from my oldest sister. She does send occasional pictures of her grandson and those are always a welcome sight, cause he is the cutest baby I know (well, him and Hallie's neice) and I love hearing about how my neice is doing, cause she is the best mom I know. But one email was titled Dad, the other was titled Heads up. Of course I opened the Dad one first.
In it my sister told me that Dad had asked her for a ride to the hospital where his doctor worked, because he needs a pace maker put in! He would have never told us! He would have never said a thing! Except that his girlfriend can't drive any great distances and he needed a ride!!!!!
Then, since it was 9:45, I didn't want to call my sister, but I wanted and needed to talk to her. I sent an email, but that didn't satisfy me and I knew she wouldn't get it til tonight. So I talked to my daughter (who is studying to be a nurse) and she kind of made me feel a little better about the whole thing, but then didn't on the other hand. She just finished studying about pace makers, so they are fresh in her mind. and what she told me was great, but not as it applies to my dad. Cause it means that he needs to slow down and that is not an easy feat. I guess ropes and duck tape may be in order.
I did call my sister, but she knows nothing more than Dad needs a ride to the hospital on Thursday. 10 AM is the scheduled time for placement. He says it is only a 45 minute procedure, which in my Dad's head is a slot much the same as a dentist would take, so he is thinking, no biggy, I'll go home, have lunch and finish up replacing that axle on the truck, right after I till the back half of the yard where I will be planting my bean crop this year! Maybe I can redo the roof while I'm at it. GEEZ! I'm not kidding, this Dad is a never sit still kind of guy and we will probably have to pester the crap out of him to STOP for a moment or two.
So planning on the fact that this crud will be completely gone by Thursday, I will be taking the day, or most of it off and sitting my butt down there at the hospital, with a notepad and pen in hand to write down what the doctor says Dad can and cannot do, what he can and cannot eat and what he is allowed to watch on television. (I remember my teen years, dad and payback is a bitch!) He kept me safe from my silliness all those years, I can damn well repay the favor.
Please keep a prayer in your hearts for my Dad on Thursday.


claudia said...

And BTW, the heads up email was saying that my neice is having a baby shower given for her to celebrate the new baby boy who will be here sometime in June!

kim-d said...

Oh my gosh, Claudia! Your Dad is my Grandpa, God rest his soul! Having these strong but silent type males in our lives is a double-edged sword. The DOWNSIDE is that we can get blind-sided with precisely this type of info when it makes itself known--and, one way or another, it always does! Your Dad is officially inserted into my prayers, as are you, your Sis and the rest of your family.

And did I know your daughter is going to be a nurse? Is this Oldest daughter? And if I knew it, did I tell you how much I love and admire nurses? Maybe she'll hae some tips on how you can "reign" Dad in a bit when it's needed, cause ya just KNOW it's gonna be needed. Wow, I wish I had HALF of his energy! :)

You take good care of yourself, my friend--everything will be okay.


Love ya, pal...

And BTW, congrats to your niece on her new little boy. YAY!!!! :)

kim-d said...

I needed to come back here again to say this. And you need to listen to me instead of your Sis because I am objective and she's not--HAHAHAHA! Please don't hold it in. Even if you can only comfortably let go if no one else is around...please don't hold it in. That isn't good for you. Just ask Oldest Daughter; she will tell you I'm right. GI problems, high blood pressure, heart problems. That's what holding it in will do for ya. And besides, the good thing about crying when you're our age is that everybody will just think we're menopausal and can't help it...HA!

And I needed, also, to make sure you tell Oldest Daughter that I officially love her, as well as you! It was the caring, angel nurses that took care of Bill that also got me through that time. Truly, they took care of our whole family in so many ways. I will never, ever forget that. I DO love me some nurses :)!

More hugs, and more prayers...


And more love too!...

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Just catching up on your blog and read about your dad. He is going to be instantly added to my prayers. I've been down the same path with my Dad and his heart transplant.

I will pray that your dad does just fine.

Thanks for the baby comment. You rock!!

Hallie :)