Thursday, March 06, 2008

I am so excited!

I finished up all my projects for the ceramics class on Tuesday. Everything I have made there was ready for one kiln or another. Saturday they are doing a Raku firing. It's a special technique that the Japanese people use a lot in their pottery. I have one piece going into that, just to try it out. We had to do at least one of each type of building technique, and one type of glazing technique. Since I am done with all that, and I am not ready to start the special end of semester project, I decided to do a soft slab vase that I have been thinking about since the beginning of this class. It's a straight shaft vase about 12 - 13 inches tall. Maybe 4" across. Just a round cylinder. The part I am most excited about on this vase is a design I found in an old clip art program I got a century and a half ago. It's a sunburst. I traced the sunburst onto the vase and I am going to carve out anything that is not sun or rays. Then I will very carefully glaze it. I'm not sure of the colors yet, But I am aiming for spectacular. I will take a picture and show you.
My first stuff turned out just okay. I don't know the glazes too well yet, so all the pieces are a little funky. Now that I have learned what those glazes will do, I expect some better peices out of myself for the second half of the semester.

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kim-d said...

And I'm so excited for you!!! I can't wait until you post some pix--I really admire that you can first repair your daughter's truck and then head off to create some beautiful art! How lucky am I to be your friend...seriously!!! I am so NOT GOOD at that kind of stuff, and I really admire people who are. So get the camera fired up and SHARE, BABY :)...