Thursday, March 27, 2008

The One about the Crud

I want to thank all you out there on the east side of our fine nation for sharing your crud with us on the west side. Actually, I was wondering just how long it would take to get here. I thought all this stuff went from west to east, but now I believe I was wrong. Yes, I think I have now got the "Crud", hopefully I am wrong again there. I was grumpy yesterday which is a sure sign that something's up. I am usually not like that...okay, well, not if you ask my kids, but I feel like I was grumpier than usual. (How's that?) I did sleep all day Sunday, which I usually don't let myself have the luxury of doing, I could not help myself. So, hint number two there. Today I went to work with all intentions of staying the course. I stopped being able to breath properly and then my energy level dropped considerably. (Probably due to the lack of oxygen getting to my brain). I just said to hell with it and clocked out. It really makes me mad, because we have the grandma's 95th b'day coming up on Saturday. I had taken the day off, but I refuse to go and give this to her for her birthday, or any other day for all that matters.
There is nothing I can take for it due to my blood pressure issues. I am drinking gallons of tea and now that I am home, I will put the couch to good use. I just hope that this will not last as long as the east coast crud did. I don't what makes me think I am so special that I don't get the same length of illness you all had to suffer through. But please, wish me luck. I can't afford this, otherwise, I would just say hey! Days off.....

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