Monday, March 03, 2008

So far, so good, maybe

I am on the first day of my weekend. There's so much I want to do, that I cannot decide which to do first. That's bad, cause when I feel this way, nothing, but NOTHING gets done.
I did work on the floor of the "room" a little today. I did get my laundry closer to the garage. I did look at the dirty dishes. I called Comcast to straighten out a glitch, but to fix it for good, I will have to go to their office and I don't feel like going anywhere. But then again I might. If I go out, that means I have to list a bunch of stuff to do while I am out and that means I could go to the Salvation Army store and look to see if they have any couches. I don't own one of those, and have been wanting to get one. So I may go out and see what I can find, then swing by the Comcast office and fix the glitch.
So sorry to say this to those in the east of the US. But I have to say it. There is sunshine in my town today. It is warm, how warm I do not know, but warmer than it has been. The only time I have been outside today was earlier in the day when it was still too cold to be out there in my jammies. That still didn't stop me.
I went out to find out why my big dog looked like he wanted to attack something or someone. And...the reason he looked that way is because that is exactly what he wanted to do! Ya see, my middle daughter is not that smart. She had some friends over last night and as her story goes they were watching TV. They all fell asleep. This morning when the BOYS left, somehow they knew not to come through the house and snuck around the back to the gate. (Which in these parts is a really, really stupid move. They have to make noise to use the gate, and it is not a very much used way to escape this property. The dog knows that. I had the back door open and when they went out, the dog did too. So I went out to investigate and found that they had gone through the gate and were trying to get over bushes I have growing on that side of the house (for a REASON) I met them in the front yard and told them exactly how stupid they were and what they had just missed, thanks to me! I said to them..."don't EVER do this will be missing body parts the next time, cause I will not call the dog off." They said to me..."Yes ma'am." Then I reamed my daughter out for being stupid AGAIN.
This is supposed to be my bored to tears weekend. Not getting off to a great start are we? But then this is nothing compared to the past.
I need to go and see if I can get some laundry done. That will motivate me to clean my bedroom somewhat, cause I have to move around in there in order to put my laundry away. Then who knows what will happen next.

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kim-d said...

Oh we are so darn much alike I can hardly stand it sometimes...HAHAHA! That middle daughter of yours and her air-headed friends are going to be the end of us, aren't they? HAHAHAHA! I agree, next time let 'em be Dog Chow :). Oh I am so mean...

Well, I'm getting ready to pick my hiney up off the couch and do something...yup, gettin' ready...yup. Hehehe...