Monday, March 24, 2008

Yesterday? What Yesterday?

So, I didn't do what I said I wanted to do. I had to call my dad and give him my reasons. They were many and came in the form of ZZZZZZZZZ's. He was fine with it. Turns out he started off his day tinkering with his old '32 Ford Roadster. Which wouldn't start. Then my brother in law went over there on his way to somewhere else and pushed their project truck into the driveway so "they" could work on it easier. The starter won't work on that has one of those old push in the thingy on the floor starters, and it is not connecting too well. My dad is supposed to climb up under the truck and figure out why it isn't touching where it is supposed to be touching. I have no clue if they got either car running. I got up at 5AM yesterday, lasted until about 8AM and laid down on the couch. I fell asleep until 2:30 yesterday afternoon! From there on out it was snoozing on and off until 10PM, when I gave up and went to bed. Believe it or not I slept clean through the night. I couldn't believe it! I musta needed it.
My oldest daughter and I went on a short shopping trip. I wanted to get some groceries and she was looking for a bowl that is the shape of a clam shell. That is for our project #4 at ceramics. We didn't find that. She looked online when we came home and found several, one of which is the perfect size, but they want $11 for it and shipping is $7.49. I think that's a little steep for a school project mold! We are going to keep looking.
Yesterday what I saw of the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Today it was sunny, then foggy, but now the sun has come out again. It is still a little nippy today though. Yesterday was beach weather. (Or couch potato weather)
I have another day off! It seems weird to have three days off in a row where I am feeling good. The last time I had any substantial time off was on the doctor's orders and it killed me. I am still trying to make up for the bills that were not paid from that pay check!
I'm going to eBay to see if I can find that shell bowl for my daughter at less than what she found it for. She had to go to work and I have time. Besides what is more fun than shopping from the comfort of your living room?


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

So, does that mean if I find an 8 legged dinner plate in my house you will NOT come and kill it for me?


kim-d said...

Claudia, where are you? I miss you and I'm more than a little concerned. I hope you're just rejuvenated and all busy after your "chill out" day...