Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Meeting

I hate meetings. They seem like such a waste of time. I would rather the managers have to go around to each and every one of us one at time and tell us what they think we need to hear. I'd rather they waste their time. (So call me selfish)

This meeting last night was no exception. I knew half of what they were going to tell us, cause the manager who ran the meeting for the most part had already told me. I should have been excused, so I could go home and sleep. As it was I didn't wind down until around 11:30 and that is LATE for my little behind to be getting up at 5:15 like I do most days, just because.....

The meeting took a turn for the worse when they announced to us that the owners would be keeping the store open until 8PM during the week. That wouldn't be so bad except that they expect us to volunteer for the day(s) we are willing to stay until closing. (Not volunteering money wise, volunteering time giving up, wise.) I had just requested a change in my shifts to the earlier ones so I can start going back to school. I only need a few more semesters under my belt to get my associates degree. (I realize that it isn't much, that degree, but I would like to finish what I started so many years ago) They told us that if they didn't get enough volunteers they would just assign people to do the nights they decide we would do. I'm not volunteering, and I am not working the late shift! Period, end of my discussion with them, they can just lay me off. If I were to work the late shift, that would mean, I'd have to volunteer for Friday night, since I would need the rest of the week for classes. Plus, I already work the entire weekend, giving up time to spend with my sisters and dad when they are all off work. So, I'm not a real happy camper at this moment.

On the other hand. Today was boring at work, and I get really goofy when I am bored, so I pretty much entertained my co-workers for the afternoon. I am playing hooky from class tonight, because I am tired. It's my oldest daughter's birthday, so she is going out for the evening and class just wouldn't be the same without her there. I am going to work on another ceramics project while I am home though. I have clay here, and by the time I get back to class on Tuesday, it will probably be ready for the kiln. I may get this one done pretty nicely. At least, I think I can. I'm gonna try!


kim-d said...

YOU GO, GIRL! Why on earth do these people think they can just cut into their workers' time like that? And you're all supposed to be so thrilled to do it that you'll all be falling all over each other to volunteer. At a time when most people are finally waking up to the fact that down time is more precious than money, they persist with this crap. I hope you will be able to stick to your guns. I know exactly what you speak of because not only would I not want to work late, I don't wanna work at all...BWAHAHAHA! And another thing, Missy!!!! DO NOT minimize your Associate's degree; it IS a big deal to continue (or start) the education process, I think. I admire that you're doing this. If I wasn't so lazy, I would, too! And Happy Birthday, Belatedly, to oldest daughter!!! I had my 30th company anniversary yesterday, too. Wow, time flies, huh? And now I'm chuckling thinking about you entertaining all of your co-workers; I tend to do that when I get together with my family. I don't know what it is, but all of a sudden I start channeling a stand-up comic and just go on from there. Unfortunately, I am usually exhausted afterwards,probably because it is really SO NOT ME. Go figure, huh? Boy, talk about an "all over the map" comment!!! Whew, if you can follow this, you're doing really good...hehehe.



Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You tell em! Don't let them push you around like that!

I'll go and kick their butts....just tell me whish butt to kick first!