Sunday, February 24, 2008

1 German Shepherd + 1 Sliding Glass Door =

Total freakin' disaster! My big boy Dante (130 pounds of pure goof ball) Thought the slider was open this morning and came in the house. Problem wasn't open, oh but it is now! This took place at 4 AM. It's is now 6:10 and the boyfriend is getting the last of the glass that had remained in the frame out. He is good that way, taking everything down to the last shard. (Yes, he has boots, gloves and safety glasses on. (See previous post, I am queen, I demanded it)
And of course, we are in for the storm of the month today. Yeah, my dog's timing is a bit off. I asked him why he couldn't have done this in mid October when we have our hottest weather. He just looked at me and sadly wagged his tail. I guess he thought he had done something wrong when I immediately started checking him out for cuts. SCARY! I got cut, well not cut I have some skin scraped off my ankle where the glass just kind of slid down my leg and on my arm, but thank God, nothing major. And the dog is perfectly unscathed. (A bigger thank God) Now I have stories to tell my grandchildren, if I even remember this when they are old enough to listen or care. Now, I gotta figure out how this is going to get fixed, I have no money for it.

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stitcherw said...

How scary, he could have been hurt so badly. I'm so glad he's fine, and that no one's gotten cut cleaning it up. We've got sun today (and also yesterday) but it is still bitter cold. I can't imagine having a huge portion of a door open to the outside in winter. I hope you're able to get it fixed, or blocked up really well, quickly.