Sunday, February 17, 2008

My commute

This is my first beautiful sight on my way to work. It's Pedro Point Rock. You can click on the picture to make it bigger. If you do, you will see how the rocks are in layers. Most of the mountain that I drive next to is made up of these layers of rock. The layers are also why they call it Devil's Slide. In between the layers of rock is a sand like layer. When the rain comes in droves, the layers get saturated and act like oil, the rock slides and we get road closures. Fun! Every so often a boulder will cut itself loose from the mountain and fall on the road or next to it. At the last road closure some smaller boulders hit a woman's car and broke her headlight. She was shaken, but not hurt.

The second picture is Muir Rock. I'm not sure of it's official name. It had been the home of a colony of birds called Muirs. Because of different issues the birds started disappearing. One of those save a bird, save the world groups stepped in and did some stuff to get the birds to come back. At one point they put some Muir statues on the rock and I think made noises like Muirs and got them to move back in. I remember driving past this place where I stopped to take a picture, and seeing different people sitting in a car. They would sit for hours on end taking pictures and counting birds. Apparently, the amount of birds that have come back is the same as the amount in the original colony, because I don't see the people out there counting anymore.

In the picture below there are some buildings or something. It is an armory of sorts. During WWII, we had a lot of installations along the coast to watch over our part of the country. I don't think this one had guns it it, like others. I think this one just had men stationed up there watching for the enemy. There are stairs going up the side of the hill. They are crumbling and some are missing entirely. People actually still walk up those! Some of my friends have in the past. They are all crazy, considering how dangerous it is and the shear drop just to the right of the stairs. (and no railing!!!!!) You can click on this picture too, to enlarge it, but it just gets fuzzier, you can see the steps a little better.

Below, this cute little town is Montara. It's where I spent my life as a kid. There was nothing there. On and off, we'd have a store, on and off there would be a craft store or some place where a teen could hang out, but there really wasn't much to do. BUT we did have this gorgeous beach to play on. The beach is about a half a mile from my dad's place. All of us kids that hung out together would head on down the the beach and just walk it or climb the cliffs or just sit and watch birds, sunsets, people. We were in great shape back then. A couple of us had horses for a while and we'd ride the horses down there from time to time. We never went in the water though. There was an extremely dangerous undertow and the water is so cold! Now people surf there.

Please excuse my placement of pictures and text. I am so blog illiterate. I have not posted more than two pictures at a time before, so I don't know how to get things to go where I want them!

I guess I kept some guys from stealing stuff from us today at work. I just didn't like the way they were doing their "shopping". One would stand at the end of an aisle while the other two went down it. So I started pestering them. You know, just killing them with kindness. They ended up leaving with nothing but the knowledge that they won't be gettin' any free samples here!


claudia said...

YOu can click on three of the pictures to make them bigger. The Muir Rock one won't enlarge. Of course, the pictures are crappy and enlarging them doesn't make them too much better. Pedro Point does give you a little more detail on the rock. I'm obsessed with that rock, it's purdy.

stitcherw said...

Loved the pictures, you really do have a scenic ride. Most of what I see is city, although I do have a stretch of country, but it is flat and nothing's there. Other than in the fall. When the trees change in the fall I have some really gorgeous ones along the way. Good going on "helping" the kids, bet they weren't happy to have so much attention, LOL.

kim-d said...

I have been visiting these pictures since you posted them because they are too beautemous for words. Really, I would never make it to wherever I was going if I was you! I would be parked at one of those spots staring, just staring and daydreaming. There is just something about that water that mesmerizes me. And I'm really glad you posted these pix so I can continue to visit them and dream :)!!!!

katy said...

I love those pictures...we have nothing here to take cool pictures of except deer, more deer and a few birds.