Thursday, February 07, 2008


LOL! We had an earthquake this morning! I am so excited...yes, you are saying, she HAS lost her mind! It was the cutest little bump in the morning I have ever felt. I do get excited about earthquakes. They aren't all that bad. Well, the big mothers of all earthquakes can be bad. Like mother bears, they can do some major damage, MAJOR damage! 90% of our earthquakes are little, like "Hey, yeah, I'm still here" kind of quakes. Nothing to write home about. When we do get earthquakes, the news people go a little crazy finding out where they are, how big they are, people call in from their homes and tell about the "One they just felt". It's hilarious. Then there is the debate about how big it actually was. We get the initial size listed and then for hours after, the geological society adjusts the size to what their instruments say. This one was just a mile north of where I live. I felt it. I heard it first, (it sounded like a glass windchime getting shaken)just west of my house, then a bump. 3.0 is what they are saying what it was. The epicenter was out in the ocean. I was just getting up off the toilet. Goes to show you, ya never know where you are going to be!
My biggest fear of earthquakes is that I will be in the shower, soap in hand, when the "big one" hits. I do not want to be rescued in my nakedness! Conditioner in hair, all soaped up and on the floor, cause the earth shook! I can't imagine the look on rescuers faces when they finally find me. I think the first thing I'd say is, do you have any water so I can rinse off? Oh, and a towel, please?
I'll tell you what. I know you all are out there saying that you are glad that you don't live in earthquake country. I on the other hand, would prefer to live here, where they are few and far between, as opposed to the spring tornado season, or hurricane season. Those you can count on. Here, the earthquakes are like living in a lottery system. You get a few hits here and there, but it's not as likely that you will get the big one.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I guess I'm happy for you! Seems odd to be excited by something that could shmoosh you like a bug but whatever floats your boat!

It better not have detracted you from that floor!


kim-d said...

Once when my parents were on vacation in Hawaii, there was a "little" earthquake while my Mom was on the throne. She thought it was from the martini she had before dinner and was actually relieved to hear it was an earthquake...HA! Here's the way I see it, when it's my time, it's my time--and, while waiting for it to be my time, a little California sunshine would be a good thing! Minnesota is kind of a "different" type of state. We are all weather obsessed, it seems, but those of us who were born here and spend our whole lives here really can't imagine actually living anyplace else. A lot of people I know who have moved for jobs or whatever, always eventually end up back here. Considering the weather, that's something!

As for the rescuer? Depending on the severity of the situation and, if the end could even remotely be imminent, I'd probably say "Come on in." What the heck, may as well try to go out with a smile...HAHAHAHA!



stitcherw said...

We've had one or two small ones here in Michigan a time or two, and it is so weird to hear someone mention there was one. They're so rare, that most people don't even believe it when it happens.