Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I didn't even realize it but I didn't blog about anything yesterday. And today wasn't looking very bloggable either. Well, it probably still isn't very bloggable, but I can't shut up sometimes, so here goes.
I got out of the house yesterday to run some errands. I tend to want to stay within the confines of my house, but I was actually getting cabin fever. While this would be great, if I was in an actual cabin, but doing that in my house is not as much fun. I had to go pick up a refill for some meds and I figured out a few other excuses to be out and about as well. Plus, in finding other things to do while out makes me a tad greener of a person. (don't tell, but I would have just driven the ten miles out and back to pick up the meds.) I went and looked at these little do-hickeys that you can transfer files, of any sort, I think onto, so that you don't have a catastrophy like mine the other day when I decided to clean house on the computer. They supposedly hold quite a bit of information on them, music, pictures, etc. So I went to check them out. Apparently, they are quite the do-hickey to have, because the two stores I went to, to have a look see were out of them and they weren't on sale! Either that or every one else in town cleaned house on their computers and did the same thing I did and were a little faster at getting the quick fix thing. I don't know. I will forget about it in the next few days and then something will remind me and I will go look for it again.
I went to Joann's and picked up some cording I needed to finish a project. While I was there I picked up some smaller knitting needles and some cotton yarn to try my hand at making a dish cloth. It seemed simple, will help me learn this new trick I have better, and I will have something to show for it in the end. I also went out and got a sin burger at Burger King. Didn't need it, but I figured what the hay, I want some cholesterol.
I came back home put everything away and got out the new needles and put about 7 rows on my dish cloth before I headed for my ceramics class. I put the dish cloth project in my room, on my bed and closed the door behind me. Then closed the hallway door.
Went to class had some fun, learned new things again, and came home. When I went in my room, apparently one of the dogs named Ginger who shall remain nameless, snuck in my room and decided to help me with my dishcloth. I was pissed! This is my middle daughter's dog. The dog I told her she did not need and to take it back the day she brought it home. The ONLY dog on this green earth that I could NOT fall in love with no matter what. This dog has repeatedly gotten stuff from where ever and chewed it up, taken it outside, dropped it in the water bowl, what ever she could do to get the most wrong kind of attention she could possibly get. I told my daughter right then and there, GET RID OF THAT DOG! It poops and pees where ever it wants, usually not outside. I have to hound (excuse the pun) my daughter to clean up after it. I am sick and tired of the dog. I threatened her with...well, I cannot repeat what I said, but she got the message. When I got up this morning, the dog was gone! I think she took her to the SPCA. The dog is better off there. She will go to a family who wants her, thinks she is cute and will take care of her and love her and play with her, hopefully not get her and then leave her with a mom who doesn't want a third dog! I sort of feel bad, but the dog should have not been here in the first place. I told my daughter if she got another dog, she could plan on living with it in her car, cause I want NO MORE DOGS here, mine are quite fine without any others around thank you very much. Now I just need to find homes for a cat that my youngest daughter left behind and a hairless rat that she left. The rat isn't as bad, but it's one more chore I don't need.
So, today was my actual order day at work. I went back to work by the way. I had one order waiting for me to come back and receive, then put away. A lot of the stuff in this order is new stuff that my girlfriend ordered for her little sewing department. She is on disablility after going through breast cancer and is waiting for breast augmentation before she comes back. So I am going to find the space for her sewing stuff and put it away for her. I think she would like to come in and do it, but it requires quite a bit of up and down on ladders and reaching with a little weight in hand. I really don't think she ought to be doing that, so I am going to do it. She can do all the fun stuff like ordering the newer things and spending our bosses' money.
That is all. How's that for not having anything to write about?!?


kim-d said...

Speaking for myself, I LOVED reading everything that you did not have to write about! I love posts like "Yesterday"; I love reading about people's real lives. You and I have the same kind of "uneventful" days without enough hours in them! For never having anything to do, so to speak, we sure manage to do a lot!

Ginger, Ginger, Ginger. I'm sure you already know exactly what I'm going to say...HAHAHA! You are exactly right, in my honest opinion, that this dog needs to go live with someone who will love her, work with her, put in the training time, and give her the chance to be a good pet. My daughter and her family have a beautiful black lab--the most gorgeous black lab face you've ever seen--who is a spazz. She's big and spazzy, and I call her Leapin' Lena although that is not her name. It's not LL's fault, though, because if she would have been trained properly she wouldn't be called LL!

As for that poor pathetic little naked rat, I have no words of wisdom--HAHAHAHA! I do know, however, that I missed you when you didn't post!

((((((DOUBLE HUGS))))))


stitcherw said...

Is the little do-hickey thing a flash drive? I had someone recommend one of those to me. It is supposed to be easy to use, and I can save my files (like my Gift of Stitching magazine) on it. I picked one up, but haven't gotten brave enough to try it yet.

Sorry about the dog. Dogs can be great, but they can also be so frustrating. It is hard enough sometimes to deal with the issues even if you do love them. If you don't.....Hopefully Ginger will find a new home with someone that really wants her. It will make a huge difference to her, and you and the rest of your furbabies will be happier and less stressed too.

Glad to hear you're trying a dishcloth. I really think you'll enjoy it when you get it done. I love both of mine. Haven't started another yet, but plan to do so pretty soon.