Saturday, February 23, 2008

I have Comcast Digital Voice

I don't know if that is just a California thing or if Comcast has taken over the nation, but it's what I have for my TV, internet and house phone now. The cable guy came Tuesday and installed it. I changed over to this because it's about $60 less a month than what I had before. Hopefully, the quality will not reflect the lower cost. I have On Demand. YAY! I can watch a list of movies when ever I want. I just "demand" a movie. What fun! I am queen of my television now. "I demand you to entertain me" Can't you just hear me now?!? I actually watched a movie last night. By myself, all alone, no interuptions. Not that it would have mattered, I can pause the movies on TV for popcorn breaks, pee breaks, news flashes from my kids as they walk in the door. I watched "Widows Peak". Mia Farrow was in it and a few other great actresses, but I have no memory for names, so I don't know who they were. Well, I know, I just don't know their names.

Okay, I got off my point. They didn't get my On Demand hooked up to begin with. So it took about four phone calls to get it right. There was some technical mumbo jumbo passed along to me about how this thing didn't "see" that thing and then there was some digital goofing off in the wires, and satellite misalignments or something like that. They kinda got snooty with me at one point and said that they had left me voice mail. Well hell! They never told me about setting up my new voice mail, or gave me any PIN numbers to get into my voice mail with, so how the heck was I supposed to get my voice mail? I couldn't even get my new email yet! I asked them...they said, "Well, that is sent in the mail." was I supposed to know that? The cable guy never said a thing about snail mail coming with information. Shouldn't he have given that to me onsite?

So, well, I spent my early day off from work messing with cableinternethomephone issues. What fun! After spending the afternoon at work in a too hot office on the computer fixing silly mistakes in my department. That is a whole other blog subject.

Many hours later....
Wonder Boyfriend was online when I came home. He was in some poker tournament and had the computer tied up. Wouldn't be a problem, but I wanted to get online to finish this blog. N E way, I told him he couldn't tie up MY computer with stupid tournaments anymore. I am a little possessive over my computer. He has one, he just needs to get it hooked up and pay for the networking stuff for it to be online whe someone else is on this computer. So now, here it is 9:45 and I am just getting baack on fromthis morning and a tad too tired to really say much else. Except good night. Will blog more tomorrow.

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