Sunday, February 24, 2008

A little progress report

Long about 5 hours into my day, I got to work. I told my boss what happened and she just grinned her grin, then asked if my house was ever quiet. No. It's never. What can I say? I'd be asleep more often than I am now. It would all be too boring.
It was really slow at work, so I went upstairs and asked the boss lady if she minded if I went home to fix my door/not a door. Before I even got the question out of my mouth, she just nodded her head, and said go. She is really cool. (We went to high school together, so we get each other)
I came home and mulled over my options. Most are too expensive for me to even consider. (Like the one about moving to Australia, cause it's warmer there right now) I decided my cheapest fix (temporary of course) would be to get a 1/4" sheet of exterior plywood, coat it really good with primer and then exterior paint and slide it into the frame that the glass came out of. It's going to take a little time, but I have more of that than money. So I called around and got prices on plywood, found some I wanted to afford and went and got it, the paint, primer and some silicone caulking. By the time I get done with this it'll take an act of God to get through the door the wrong way again.
I've cut the plywood to size and put a first coat of primer on it. Since it is a little chilly here (actually a balmy 50 degrees) it's going to take a while for the primer to dry. In 77 degree weather it dries to accept a second coat in an hour. Not gonna happen tonight, I am thinking. I just have to figure out what I am going to put in the 4' x 6' gapping hole I have in my front room! I guess I should have picked up some visquene and duck tape. But then too, my middle daughter's place is out that door, so that's not a great idea either. Hmmmm.....
So you wanna know my silver lining here?
I'm going to paint the inside of the plywood so it looks tropical island-y. That way we can pretend we are on vacation!
I think I am going to run down to the grocery store and see if they have some plastic sheeting. I know they have duck tape. I'll just tape it to the frame and put the frame back on the track and start again in the morning.
One more good thing for my youngest daughter is coming over to get her mail and she wants us to go out to dinner! AND...She's paying for it! Woohoo!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You are so clever! A torpical scene? I love it!

Thank GOd that didnt happen here - it was 14 degrees this morning and we are supposed to get 5-10" of snow tomorrow.

Hallie :)

stitcherw said...

Your life does seem to be constantly in the state of something going on. I don't know how you keep it all together as well as you do, I'd be exhausted.

What a clever idea of how to fix the door. It will seal it up till you can put in some glass, and look nice too. I love the idea of decorating the inside to give a tropical feel, very fun. I've seen those big poster type sheets you can put up on walls to do a similar type thing and have thought those would be fun to do at some point too. Hmmmm if I ever get my one small room organized and cleaned.....Good luck on getting it all finished, and I want to see a picture of your inside decorating when you're done. :)

Also, wonderful news on your DD, it sounds like things may be starting to turn around there. {{hugs}}

kim-d said...

Okay, I go away for one little weekend and look what happens!

I love me a girl who can make the tropics out of plywood and duct tape :). And I also love a daughter who takes her Mom out to dinner which...hello? Good sign or what???? Enquiring minds wanna know more!