Monday, February 11, 2008

Tagged, I'm it! And other stuff too

I got up on the right side of the bed this morning. Really! If you are standing at the foot of the bed, and you are looking at the head of the bed, the side I got out of was on the right! Plus, I got up in a good mood.
I got a few things done that I had planned on, stuff that was actually for work, that I couldn't do at work. (No space or time) I washed the dishes, got my laundry done, finished ironing the material I washed last week, folded it and put it in the bin. Then I went in a poured some mineral spirits on the floor where the sticky stuff is. THAT is NOT going to a fun job, nor is it going to be a quick job. CRAP! D'ya know how hard it is for me to get up off the floor? Let me tell you, it takes a bit of doing and grunting. I would like to just sit down there til it is all done, but that ain't gonna happen. I will finish it though, I promise. I am so motivated to get that room done, but I don't want to aggravate the back/hips more either. I'll just work slowly and steady, and see what happens.
It's been beautiful here all week. I was looking forward to my days off and having some sunshine to make me work even better, but no. The fog has come in. I thought it might burn off in the afternoon, but it's 3PM now, and there's no sign of it burning off. Dang! I guess I can't have everything.
On to my being tagged. I was tagged by Kim-D over at Lifeafter. And okay, I forgot how to make a link work. At any rate, here goes:

List five wishes in each of the two catagories, then tag five people. I don't have five people to tag, but I will look and see if I can come up with some one to do this, cause it's actually fun and thought provoking. I thought it would be easy to come up withthe meterial things, but as it turned out the spiritual or meaningful ones came easier.


1.)I wish I had a maid/cook.

2.)I wish I had enough money, so I could have a fun very part time job. Then I would have the time and moneyuto help my friends and family and spend time with them for a change.

3.)I wish for a man, wonderful enough that I would want to share my life with him.

4.)I wish I could eat whatever I want and be the weight I want.

5.)I wish I owned an island. (tropical of course)


1.)I wish for change in some of my personality traits.

2.)I wish our service men and women could serve our country by helping people in our country, by building homes and relationships.

3.)I wish that we all could just look past color, religion, and politics, and just get along.

4.)I wish that families didn't have to be separated by divorce or death.

5.)I wish that companies within our countries borders would hire people within our borders and take care of the citizens of the USA.

And now to finish some "I" statements: (I wasn't tagged to do this, I just wanted to)

I know a little about a lot of stuff, but not a lot about anything.

I believe slow and steady wins the race.

I fought a lot in my head about divorcing with my ex-husband.

I am over weight.

I love my dogs.

I need my sleep.

I take nothing for granted.

I hear what I want to hear sometimes.

I drink tea, by the gallons.

I hate people who pretend to be working.

I use chocolate as a tranquilizer.

I want money, money, money.

I like kayaking on warm sunny days.

I feel like a fool sometimes.

I wear only jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes. (and the understuff too)

I left my jacket at my ceramics glass Thursday night!

I do cross stitching, crocheting, woodworking, painting, quilting, mosaics.

I hope that I can see all my old friends eventually sometime, even though we are all miles apart.

I dream that someday, soon, I will make a comfortable living.

I drive myself too hard sometimes.

I listen to my friends and family.

I think I jump to conclusions too fast at times.

I wish I made more money right now.

I should lose weight.

I regret some of the decisions I made when I was younger.

I care deeply for my children.

I said too much.

I wonder if there really is a guy out there for me.

I changed my underwear this morning.

I cry at some of the stupidest things. (and some of the most appropriate things)

I lose track of time when I am really into a project.

I leave work at different times on different days.

I am done.


kim-d said...

Oh, I just knew that tagging you was the right thing to do. I LOVE your lists; LOVE them. Wasn't the "I" statement one fun? That one was the easiest of them all. And mine is a 1999 pewter extended cab, with black spray-in bedliner and black bug shield/vent visors. I love my truck, I just wish it handled better in snow.

Have a great day...that getting up on the right side of the bed is kinda nice, isn't it? :)



kim-d said...

Where are ya, Claudia? I hope your back/hips are okay!!! I'm having visions of you being in pain, so you've got to at least say you're okay. Okay? I worry, ya know!



kim-d said...

Have a wonderfully busy day, Claudia--hope you enjoy all you have on your schedule for this day! HAPPY, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, MY TREASURED FRIEND!

{{{{{{BIG HEART HUG TO YOU}}}}}}


kim-d said...

Hey you! Just wanted to say hi and to let you know that I am thinking of you!