Monday, February 25, 2008

A little less progress...

O M G !!!
This is ridiculous! My arm is going to fall off. I swear it's true. I got everything all together and ready to assemble. Now just get the bar across the top of the window frame off and wa-la instant notawindow! CAN.NOT.GET.THE.&%#)$&@*.THING.UNSCREWED! So off I go to find my handy dandy drill and drill bits. Find em. None, I mean NONE are strong/sharp/good enough to drill out the 54 year old screws out easily. I did get one, and I am half way through the other. I'm tired and cranky, and I want my daddy to do this, except that if he does it, it will take longer, because then I have to explain all about how my dog thought he was a circus lion and the door was a flaming hoop he had to jump through and how my famous dog...oh forget it, he won't go for that story. I'll have to explain how the girls and I were in peril and the dog jumped through the plate glass sliding door to save us. Well, whatever, I would have to tell him about what happened and then there will be lots of questions and answers, then more questions and the whole time he's helping me he'll be mumbling about why I had to have a gigantic dog in the first place and that's why these things happen. I really love my dad, but I would just as soon not have to go through all that.
It looks like another midnight night. It's really cold in here and I want to get this done, but my arm is screaming stop. The tarp temporary window worked pretty good last night, I guess I will just have to put that back together. That alone took me a half an hour to tape up. Crap, I wish I wasn't so handy at times, I would really rather be a girly girl right now.
As for my dinner with my daughter...She didn't get here until 9PM last night. I was a little ticked off, cause of all the drama that's been going on with the door and all. (Wonder boyfriend is not real popular here anymore either, more on that soon) N E way, she had told me she had to take a friend of hers somewhere and then she would be here. They apparently got lost on the way, found the place and then got re-lost getting back to the freeway they needed to come home on. At least, she kept calling and letting me know what was going on. But 9PM, I'm tired and since we were going out to eat I waited and was absolutely starving! We talked a lot, my oldest daughter came along. So, it was almost like old home week. Minus middle daughter who would have ruined the whole evening, since the two younger ones really don't like each other right now. It was fun, and good, and she did pay for dinner. She only has one day off a week, so I don't get to do this very often. She has a million friends and has to spread the love. I am just glad we are able to have a relationship again. I have a funny feeling my friend from work got to her. I was looking at MySpace and found a comment from my girlfriend to my daughter and vice versa. It was not much, but it meant to me that they had talked outside of MySpace. I am going to have to call my girlfriend. She may or may not admit to stepping in. At any rate, I love her for it if she did.
I am going to go and tackle this thing again. I have to at least attempt to get the tarp back on. This is not a good time of year to camp out, if ya know what I mean.
Middle daughter just came home and helped me put the tarp back up, so I am going to go knit for a little while and warm up in my room. It's still cold in here. I can't wait to get this dang thing finished!!!!!


stitcherw said...

That door is just not cooperating is it. I hope the next crack you take at it it will go smoothly for you and your arm won't be so sore from fighting it. It really sounds like it will be neat looking when done. As to your comment on asking your dad, I can totally relate. Sometimes (most times) it may be easier doing it yourself than trying to explain what happened. Sorry your DD got lost and dinner was so delayed, but glad that it went well and everyone is still getting along. So, when are you going to show off your knitting?

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

OMG... I wish I was handy like you! I can do some stuff, but I don't think I'll try replacing doors any time soon. I have to say, I got quite a chuckle out of your description of how it would go if you had to involve your dad. Definitely less time consuming to do it yourself. ;)

kim-d said...

I am SO glad that everything went so good with the dinner--after all the getting lost and starving and all. Just from the little I know--and I realize it's not much--the fact that she was calling to keep you updated was huge! And then that you had a good time and she paid--well, hey! What more can you ask for, really! And if it came about due to a little girlfriend intervention? Well, then, I love your friend too!!!! Many years ago a friend of mine and her Mom got into a tiff which resulted in my friend moving out of state...I'd talk to my friend on the phone and she was miserable. I would stop in at her Mom's job and talk to her, and she was miserable. I finally took the bull by the horns and got a little "creative" and it wasn't long before my friend was back and all was better. I was pretty proud of that. Although, to this day, neither of them know what I did--unless they figured it out and just didn't say anything.'s a good thing when a relationship gets mended, no matter how!

Sorry I missed yesterday...I'm doing my darndest to get caught up, so here I go to the next post!


And two LUVYAEVERSOMUCH-ers, too :)!