Friday, February 01, 2008

Okay, but not so okay

I fixed the derned computer...yep I fixed her alright. Ya know how ya work with something and then work on it some more and then do two to three more hours of working on it, and then hand it over to someone else to work on it cause you have a life or have to go to the store or bathroom or something, maybe even leave to go to work? And then come back and put another day or so into the something? Well, that is what I have been doing. Getting no where...I mean NO WHERE! Ya know how you get so frustrated with that something that you feel like throwing it into the street, just as a bus passes by, so that the bus doesn't miss that something? Well, that is me. You know how when you are down to your last straw of patience, that you do something foolish? Me again!!!
I tried operating on this damned thing very patiently, like a surgeon would. Hours on end. Only looking toward the end result and the life that I could bring back to it. I focus on all the happy little smiling faces that it would bring and how those happy little smiling faces would look at me adoringly, because I had fixed the problem and restored life to our otherwise lifeless home.
Yea, I fixed it alright. BUT, and that is a big soon as I got done with the patient portion of my operation and went quickly to the dark side, and hit the button that said "Yes, go ahead and wipe out everything I have ever put on this computer that I really wanted to keep forever and ever", I realized that oh C.R.A.P.! All my pictures are on there! Well, not anymore! Ya see? I fixed the computer. I'm done, no more pictures, but I'm done! Period, and oh well, can't cry over spilt milk now, it's just a tad too late.
So I am back YAY!!! Hey everyone! I missed you! Really I did!
And I am off work til the 6th. My arthritis kicked it up a notch and when I went to work yesterday it wouldn't allow me to stand comfortably. Then when I put weight on my right leg, ZING! A nice shot of sharp pain went right up my leg and into my lower back. The swelling from the arthritis was pinching my sciatic nerve. (The nerve of that arthritis) So doc gave me some good drugs and sent me home with a note for my boss. I can't afford it, but I am going to make the best of it.
I taught myself to knit. I kind of had the basics down, but would never do it right, and couldn't figure from pictures and words that I had in front of me, what I was doing worng. I bought this quick study guide from work that I had brought in to see how good it was and it helped. I can now knit!
So depressing as it is to have lost all those pictures, I have learned a valuable lesson and I can now be back online. So, see ya soon. I am about to go over to your blogs to see what I've missed.


kim-d said...

Oh Claudia, I am so sorry to hear that your arthritis is causing you such pain. I do know what you mean; that sciatic nerve thing is real humdinger, isn't it? LOVE when it zings into your butt cheek, down your leg and right into your foot. That is quite the treat, huh? And even though it's hard to be able to afford being off work, it gets to the point where, body-wise, it's even harder to afford being at work! Health just has to come first...GRRRR!

And while I am glad you got the computer going, I'll mourn your pix with you. Why does it seem there always has to be a trade-off; why can't you have an operational computer AND pix? Oh, I know...I'm always aiming too high...HAHAHA!



stitcherw said...

Glad the computer seems to be working better, but how awful that it seems to have ate so much of your stuff. I don't understand the workings of computers at all, so I'd be stuck with the geek squad if anything happened to mine. Hopefully it won't do any more weird stuff for you in the future.

Hope you're feeling better and can get back to work soon. Back pain and arthritis can cause so many problems when you're trying to do even simple things. Take care,