Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Almost Ta-Da!

I got the screw out. It cost me another $7.35 to purchase a drill bit that would do it. I got the mother of all drill bits, this one'll drill through almost anything. I'm not messing around anymore, this door called for war, and by golly I am going to win this one!
I have the painted plywood in the frame and now the door is laying out in the sun. (yes, I said SUN! about 60 - 65 degrees out there today!) I'm going to let the caulking set really good and then put the door up. I have another tube of caulking to go on the inside of the door/frame to really ward off any cold seeping through. It's not pretty at all, but we will not be camping anymore this month...which isn't very long now.
My ankle that got scraped is bothering me today. I think I was on it too long yesterday. Is 14 hours of standing too long? I'm contemplating taking a nap in my little blue recliner for an hour or hour and a half. I think I deserve that much. Class tonight, so I'd like to be awake for that.

I promised I'd say more about the boyfriend situation. Young Wonder Boyfriend was getting really comfortable here. Which is good, he was living here after all. But the true person seems to come out when it's no longer a temporary situation. It turns out that he is an avid drinker and I do not tolerate daily bouts of drunkeness. He sneaked around drinking when we were home and when we weren't, which is a lot, he did a lot more damage to himself. I started getting suspicious when I was having to yell at him when I told him something. (Like dig a channel so the rain can drain off the patio, turn the water off, the rain will rinse the gravel off at least three times) At first I thought it was just A.D.D., with a little O.C.D. mixed in. But it just kept getting more and more apparent that what I suspected was true. My daughter was getting frustrated with him at the same time. Not one to beat around the bush, I came out and talked to him about it. He just came back with all kinna excuses, alternate ways to go about drinking where it wouldn't bother me, true alcoholic talk. (I'm well versed at this kind of talk, I spent a few years listening to my ex-man.) I don't have time in my life to mess with people who don't respect me, my kids, and above all themselves. So, I gave him the bottom line. Drink and you go, if you want to truely help yourself then stay. He just said, "No, I'm going to drink all I want, so I will move." Fine then, that's that. He is really a nice guy, funny, helpful, etc., but that is typical of his kind. The only thing he said that really made me mad was that I had put him in a box with all the other alcoholics in my life and that it was wrong. Am I thinking wrong??? It doesn't matter, it's my house, my daughter and I were becoming increasingly uncomfortable and I had to change things. Oh yea, he also said that he was hoping that with all the work he was doing around here I wouldn't notice the drunkeness! Go figure!
Time for a nap.


kim-d said...

Oh boy! Do I ever feel stupid! I've gotta say, I NEVER saw that one coming. Good for you, Claudia, I'm with you 100%. Alcoholic? Be gone with you. And what's really bad is all the manipulation...GRRR! How is your daughter dealing...is she okay? She seems like such a good person, I'm ready to punch him out for her :). An alcoholic is an alcoholic is an alcoholic...so how on earth was it that he thought he was different? Just full of crapola, was what he was. Good riddance!

And for crying out loud, Bob*Claudia*Vila, be careful with those tools and such! BWAHAHAHA!



katy said...

Most alcoholics can come up with a ton of excuses as to why everyone else is wrong. It may be hard but you are going to have to hang tough for yourself and your family. Hope everything works out..take a picture of your artwork on that door when you get finished and show us.