Friday, February 15, 2008

Long Day

Today was my early day at work, and it follows my late night at school, so it makes for a long day. I started off on the wrong foot and needed to switch that out so started kidding around with the customers and made it fun, so it passed by fairly quickly. Except the last hour and a half. I just printed out some inventory sheets for my department and did that for the afternoon. If I stay out of the customers way when things start going downhill for me it's so much better.
So I got home earlier, but I never do anything with that "extra" time. I am usually too damned tired. For the evening I think I will tuck myself away in the bedroom and work on the quilt of the century, maybe. If I am too tired, I will make mistakes and that's not good.
Class was fun last night. There was only about a third of the people that are normally there, so the ones who did come, got extra credit for showing up, and extra attention from the teacher. I can imagine that a teacher would like it much better when people show respect and come to the classes, especially when a grade rides on showing up, as much as passng tests. We learned about the first of the glazes. Now, when the students who missed the class come on Tuesday, she will have to go over those glazes for them again. Next week we can start glazing our first projects. I am finishing up the first of the next projects. It'll will be okay, I think, but the next project I do in leather hard clay is going to get a lot of previous attention and planning before I even start the clay process. Hey! I'm learning! Two of the first three projects came out okay. I will see what happens when they get glazed. My dragonfly lost a leg, so I have to see what happens in the next steps with that. I think I forgot much of what I learned in high school, or they changed a lot of processes since then, I feel lost sometimes! I can't wait til Tuesday when I can glaze. The first three projects are due March 13th, along with a paper on a 20th century artist and a small presentation. Oh yay!
That's it for my tired little brain. More tomorrow, if I can stay on top of my moods all day. It's my late day tomorrow and I hate this day, but it is my Thursday, so that means I am on the down hill slide of my week! YAY!


kim-d said...

Wow, Claudia--I am really impressed; talk about TURNING THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN!!! HAHAHA! Are you ready to punch me yet? :)

Really, though, it is true, isn't it, that when you just decide you're gonna make it okay, 9 times out of 10, it works out? The good part is, you get to have some fun too. Man, though, you're gonna need some down time alone in your room by the time you're finished with all of your busy-ness! I know I'm now down to counting the hours before I get out of here for the day and start the weekend! Man, it's those last couple of hours that can rough, huh? So close and yet so far :)!

I SO related to what you said about keeping your emotions/moods under control!!! It is such an accomplishment when we're able to do that!!! I've got confidence in ya, girl--YOU CAN DO IT!!!



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stitcherw said...

Can't wait to see some of your ceramics. Your class, although work, sounds fun.