Monday, February 18, 2008

Beef recall

I'm just hearing about a beef recall on the TV right now. How do you take back beef that you ate a couple of years ago?!? They are saying that they are recalling 143 million pounds of beef dating back to February 1st, 2006! Oh comon! I think I understand what they are dong...the place where they take the beef, the slaughter house, abused the cows while in their care. The news program showed videos of the abuse. It was GOD AWFUL. I think the punishment should be that all the people who abused the cows should suffer the same abuse. Thay didn't call in vets, when the cows were sick and they shoved them around with forklifts when they couldn't walk. Oh hell! This place had better be shut down and those people taken care of!

I'll step down off my (really upset) soap box now.

My commute is below this, on to calmer things.......

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kim-d said...

Oh my gosh, Claudia! This has been KILLIN' ME! I cannot stand to hear or watch anything about animal abuse so, needless to say, I have spent a lotta time muting the TV and turning away. I just will never ever understand that type of thing. I do not understand what kind of a person could do that. And I can't even talk about it anymore! I could just cry!