Monday, February 04, 2008

A Finish...Sorta

I did a finish yesterday! YAY! for me! I can't show it to you yet, because it is for a friend who reads my blog, but as soon as it is a finished finish, I will put a picture of it up. I still have to do the finished product, right now it is just a finished stitch.
I sort of cleaned off my desk, but as predicted, I started organizing and got side tracked. But that's okay, cause it just is. I pulled out this big ol' pink tote that houses my material from years of collecting. It smelled as though it's been stored for years. So, I decided to wash it all again. I can see what I have. It also leads to hours of ironing. Which could be a good thing, it is a little relaxing, that constant repetitive motion. And since it's cold, the heat from the iron itself is kind of nice. I found though, that it didn't feel all that great on my back, so I didn't do an awful lot of it. I'm going to try for a little more ironing today and tomorrow and see if I can't put a dent in the stash. I did find that I have plenty of material that would do well as curtains for the new crafting room. That made me happy. Since I am such a hoarder, I know I have curtain rods out there somewhere to hang them on. My daughter hates that I save everything and/or bring stuff home from work that we don't necessarily need at the moment, but you know it all comes in handy in time!
I just went out to top off the garbage can (since they are picking up today). It is freakin' cold out there. I came back in a ran warm water over my hands to get them back to normal temp. I know they said no more rain for a while, but I didn't pay attention to what they said about temperatures.
I'm back to work the day after tomorrow. That'll be a nice change. I love being home doing stuff around here, just puttering. But I am getting cabin fever, since I'm limited to what I can do. I walk by my little room and feel helpless, cause I can't do anything with it at this time. Hopefully, in a few weeks I can get back into it.
That's all for now. I have gone on long enough about nothing much. Hope your days are going well for you.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I will gladly take all your Snoballs! And I could never hate you for that! HEck, I couldnt hate you at all! :)

How's the floor coming?


kim-d said...

And guess what we're getting? A 5-inch accumulation of snow, that's what! I didn't even bother to take the trash can to the curb this morning! Grrrr...sick of this! And all that is to let you know that I am being empathetic about your weather situation, cause what you're getting is the CA equivalent to what I'm getting here in MN. Lucky you!!!!

I can't wait to see what you finished...hurry and give it to your friend, would ya, so I can see? I already told ya this, but I love the colors in the one in the pic below...very pretty!

I get the same as you with time off from it, but also get antsy and cabin feverish before too long. Now there's a big surprise...something we agree on. HAHAHAHA!

I'm just glad you're feeling somewhat better!