Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Today was not a great day. I got through it okay and made it go slower by watching the damn clock. I just wanted it over. This type of day is the kind where I wish I worked in some little corner office, with no interaction with other people. I needed that T-shirt that says "Does not play well with others" I tried really hard to make everyone else's day crappy. I wish I could have stayed home.
Because I had to get on that room yesterday and pull up half the rug, I was in pain last night trying to sleep. Actually trying to turn over. Every time I turned my hip yelled at me in the worst way. So, I got up on the wrong side of the bed, and carried it with me throughout the day. My sales rep came early. I was by no means ready for him. If he has to wait he bugs all the other employees, asking them to tell me that he's there. So I got about 6 calls on the radio..."Your reps here" I need to hear it only once and I responded with "I will be there as soon as I can"...but no, I have to be told 5 extra times. It takes me even longer to prepare the order for him, and I'm not all that sure that I got everything on there I wanted. So, I let him have it. "You are early, I can't get to the order til 9:30 and it takes a while to make sure the order is right. You are just too early." So, he promised me some free stuff for my ceramics class to appease me. It did.
The day finally got over. I have been giving a co worker a ride home on Wednesdays and Thursdays. He can't pay for gas. No biggy, it's not like I go way out of my way to get him to his house. Tonight, I said I just wanted to go home and have a fire, but there's no firewood. So, he chopped up a few rounds of firewood and put them in my truck. I think that so pays for his rides home!
My little old lady cranky next door neighbor started giving the daughter's boyfriend a bad time about a half an hour before I got home. As he was standing out there listening to her crank out her complaints about my yard, the big dog got out the front door. As I was coming around the corner to my house I saw the boyfriend with dog in hand (his collar) headed toward our house. Of course the hair went up on my neck. My dog can't be in the front! There's too much traffic. I calmed myself down before I said anything. This guy knows how I feel about my critters and would not do anything to harm them (God forbid). It was all innocent, and basically cause the dog wouldn't listen to him. He's done it to me, so I can't get upset. The complaint that the neighbor had was that my two pallets are leaning up against her fence. OMG!!! They have been there FOR.EVER. Besides they were only leaning on my side of the fence and they don't drink or smoke or have loud parties. They are very innocent pallets. He very politely moved them. Man, he's a nice kid! I would have just knocked them over if she said that to me.
Ha Ha Ha ...I just remembered something I did. I will surely go to hell for it, but damn it was fun!
A little history: The cranky neighbor's sister used to own this house. They bought them together one weekend when their husbands were out hunting together or something like that. The sister's relationship did not last a lifetime. They ended up not speaking to each other after a while. (Now I know why) Or if they spoke it was argumentative. This sister that owned this house had okay landscaping. Not great, but who am I to talk? I grow pallets in my front yard. Well, there is this bottle brush tree at the shared fence in the back yard. After we had been here for two years the cranky one started literally bitching at me about how the leaves from my tree were clogging up her gutters. I said have your sons put gutter guards on. She didn't and continued complaining to me about it. After I had heard that for a year, I decided to "fix" it. I cut all the leaves off the tree, leaving the 2" or bigger branches on the tree. It was a tree skeleton. Then I proceeded to collect windchimes and hang them in the bare branches. I got some very nice windchimes. Very classy ones. The windchime tree was really pretty, and noisy. But she couldn't complain anymore, I fixed the gutter clog problem for her. Is that mean or what? Now the windchimes are gone and the leaves are back. I prefer to give the birds a place to hide from the cats.
My ceramics class is going to be fun. I already have ideas for the different projects we need to do to learn the processes. I can't wait to go back on Thursday.


kim-d said...

Yeah, yesterday was a do-over all the way around. Truly, I think it had something to do with the planets all crashing together or something. I love the windchime tree; love, love, love it! See, if I was your neighbor, I'd help you hang the windchimes because I love them so much. The question is, how darn lonely is your cranky old-lady neighbor? Since she has probably driven everybody away, I'm thinking she doesn't get any positive attention, huh? I think you should have chucked the pallets over the fence INTO HER YARD, got right up into her face and said, "There. NOW you have something to bitch about." Yup, yesterday was not a good day--HAHA!

But, I love the co-worker who was also the provider-of-fire-wood; I kind of like the barter system as there are times that it just works. And your daughter's boyfriend? Everyday I am more and more convinced he's a 10 on the keeper scale. Which tells me that your daughter is as nice as I think she is. Which tells me that her Mom did something right. See? That's the planets realigning themselves.

It's a new day--hallelujah! Now if only I could get the "I Love You"'s that I'm owed!!!! :)



Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Just popping in to say hi - nothing much to gloat about, nothing much to complain about. Just wanted to say hello...


kim-d said...

((((((((((HAPPY NOW HUG))))))))))