Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing!

We had dinner at our friends' place last night. She made Hallie's favorite...That chicken thing. But it didn't look like Hallie describes it. It was drier if ya know what I mean. And scrumptious! We also had this absolutely sinful cheese bread, and some noodles and steamed veggies. Oh yea, my oldest daughter brought this dish that she and I enjoy. It's brown rice, sun dried tomatoes and garbanzo beans. For dessert we had little cheese cakes stars. (Because she only had these little star pans left over from Christmas to make the cheesecakes in. Cute! We all had our own little star cakes!
I overate, because it was all so dang tasty, I couldn't help myself. We of course laughed a lot and I brought a movie that they hadn't seen. "Practical Magic" I LOVE that movie. Probably have seen it fifteen times myself. If you haven't seen it yourself, indulge. It is a chick flick, so be warned. I left it for them to watch again, cause none of us could stop talking long enough for them to get the idea of the movie.
We got home just after 10PM, which is past my "bedtime". I feel like I was out drinking all night and all I had to drink was a delicious mug of hot tea.
I couldn't get on the computer long enough yesterday to do any damage anywhere. It was acting up and being slow and stubborn. My middle daughter probably has all kinds of downloads on here that she was told not to do. AARRGGHH!!!! I want my own computer in my room, locked up and be selfish about it. I can't afford to get a new one any time soon, this one will have to be "the one" for a long while. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Lena, my oldest daughter and I are starting a ceramics class tonight at the local community college. We tried to get in last semester. I got in, she got on a wait list with about ten other people. She was at the bottom of the list. By the time the teacher got towards the bottom of the list, there was a young lady there who was trying to finish up a few credits towards her degree. I gave her my spot, since we are only dong this for fun. I couldn't see the girl waiting a whole other semester to finish up three units! So, Lena and I signed up the same day this semester and got in, well above the wait list. We have been talking about doing this for a year or so. Since she is either working or going to class we don't do much together and it is important to me to share something together. Now we have two nights a week to get tired of each other. Plus all the fun things we can make. I have a kiln here. It's not hooked up. I need to get a little information under my belt and see just how this is all going to work, before I invest in the electrician coming out and changing wiring for that thing. I think he may only have to change the outlet, I have the 220V for it, but the amperage is wrong, so the outlet is wrong. I may have to spring for a new circuit breaker. If I don't totally suck at creating ceramic objects, I will share my progress. If I suck, then well, I'll just be mentioning that, you won't be made to suffer. I can't wait! I'm so excited!


kim-d said...

Well, I think your evening sounds delightful. If I was with you, I'd probably still be there eating :). Think I'm kidding? NO! hehehe...

The brown rice/sun-dried tomatoes/garbanzo dish? NUM!!! I'd love if it you would share the recipe, unless it's a family secret :). Anything with garbanzos is good to me. Yup...LOVE hummus, with roasted red pepper, especially. Man, I am such a garbage gut for good food.

And I also think it was a really nice thing for you to do to give up your class spot. I think that, because you did that, you and Lena are really going to enjoy this class together. Good gets good. Without fail.

Well, after reading about your dinner, I must now go forage for food :).


You know what's coming...LUVYAEVERSOMUCH-er!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You ate chicken cordon pus? PLEASE say you didn't!!!

Oh god...need to go lay down and remember that you really are a good person...