Friday, January 11, 2008

The thing about blah, blah, blah...

I am so freakin' used to things going wrong here, that I am having a hard time living normally. I find that rather amusing. Nothing has changed here as far as I go. I'm doing the same ol', same ol'. It's just the two girls of mine that give me trouble are either not here, or finally "got" it.
I'm chipping away little by little on the mess I call a bedroom. I have done a few things to the bedroom that was going to be my sewing room, but is now going to be my oldest daughter's room. I will take her "closet" over as a sewing room. It is bright and sunny, not quite as big as the other, but it will be plenty enough. I don't want for much. I have found out about some shelves at work that the GM is closing out, so I think I will just buy all those and put them up in the room, instead of moving the big shelves in from my front room. I won't have to paint them that way either. (I'll still have to paint the others eventually) It's called L-A-Z-Y.
My back yard is still getting cleaned up. Man, this boyfriend of my daughter's rocks. For the first time in years (egads!) I can see the entire back wall of my house. It wasn't covered top to bottom, but it was completely covered side to side. WOW! I forgot all about that wall! It housed the under house entry way. Not that I would ever use that, there's creepy things under the house I am sure. But you know a plumber might need it sometime.
At work, I did all the inventory on one line of pencils today and yesterday. There are only 94 different colors that I carry. It was so messed up. People keep just helping themselves to my stuff. Now, that's not art! I have another line of open stock pencils to do, but that will have to wait til next week. My shipment is due in tomorrow and I have to do price changes on the stuff that is coming in. I have entered them in the computer, just not on the tags by the products. It's a lot of nit-picky work. It's keeps me out of trouble.
Tomorrow is the big Mavericks contest out here. Luckily someone offered an over night stay at their house tonight because the traffic will be hell tomorrow morning. I forgot that thousands of people want to come watch it first hand. That is a futile attempt for them. The actual surfboarding is about a half mile from shore, so you can't see much. They have arranged for nine cameras and are putting the whole thing on the internet for free. I'm sure the news people will be there as well. It really makes a mess of things down there. Everything gets trampled. I am not spending the night at my friends. I can't leave my little dog for that length of time. So I will just leave for work extra early, and if I'm late, I'm late. Cete la vie! (Is that how it's spelled?)

The place where the Mavericks contest takes place is just over that hill. On the other side of that hill is the Pacific Ocean. You should all come out, sometime, it's beautiful. That's the nose of my kayak at the bottom of the picture.


stitcherw said...

Sounds like things at your house are really taking shape. With all the oranizing, changing around, and clean-up/spuce-up that is going on your place is going to be awesome. I'm so glad that it sounds like it is working well with her boyfriend staying there, he sounds like a considerate and appreciative guy.

I got behind in my reading, but it looks like you've come to terms, or as close as can be, with the fact that so much with Binks is out of your control, and you can't continue to allow her to get to you to the extent that she has. I'm so sorry you have to go through this, I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers that it works out and that at some point she wakes up and realizes what is going on and what she is losing out on.

Good luck with the inventory, it is a wonderful feeling when the last piece is done and you know you don't have to do it anymore, but during the taking of it, it just about drove me nuts when I had to do it.

kim-d said...

Oh Claudia, I love the picture. I am a total and complete "water person." Anytime I can be near any large body of water, all is right in my world.

I am so happy that everything is coming together for you in so many different ways. Sometimes, when we've gone through too much upheaval for too long, it can be a little hard to get used to the calm. It takes a while to figure out that is the way it's supposed to be. It's the middle-age (or more-HA!) equivalent to figuring out that the "nice" guys are not boring. Know what I mean? It just really sounds to me like you've got so many positive things going on right now, and I couldn't be happier for ya!!!! In the last 1 1/2 years I've done so many "house sprucing up" projects that I love to hear about yours, too. I'll tell ya this--it feels so good to have it DONE! :)

And as far as your inventory goes; I can feel your pain. Inventories are a part of my job,too--the part I always procrastinate on the most. It's not so bad once I get going; it's just the getting going that's tough--and, unfortunately, it's a necessary evil. So, as you said, c'est la vie!