Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Stormin' again.

I'm glad I don't have to be out on the roads today. It's been windy (15 - 25MPH winds) all day and raining on and off. I have taken the opportunity to catch up on laundry. Keeping in mind that I could lose power. It's stuff I need washed and dried, so I am praying that we won't have a go at the olden days. I can deal with no power, I'll just read. And wrap up in blankets, because it is so windy I can't have a fire. There's nothing to keep the wind from blowing the smoke back down my chimney. That's counter productive. If I have a fire I will also have to have the doors open to let the smoke out.
I have also started picking up my room. It just never sunk in while I was growing up that I needed to keep it clean. I don't. I can be a pure slob at times. That's one of the benefits (?) of not having a guy around, I can be lazy. Although, now my oldest dtr's boyfriend is staying here and he is an organizer. YAY for me! He has cleaned the backyard up, my shelves in the front room, and has started on the garage. He says he is just trying to show me how much he appreciates me letting him stay here. Well, that is fine with me.
I also took a couple of stitches in a gift I am making. It's a secret though, so I can't say anymore than that.
Oops! Gotta go, the dryer is calling me! Hope you are tucked in cozy where ever you are!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I am sitting on the couch with 2 lazy wiener dogs - pretty cozy!!!


kim-d said...

Hey you! I spent a cozy afternoon over at the Mall of America--HAHAHA! To me, that is basically the gates of hell, but occasionally it must be done. Now I'm good for about another year :).

I cannot believe the crazy weather you're having--it's been a little schizophrenic around here, too. Must be global warming. If there's no other explanation, we can always chalk it up to that.

I had to laugh over the lazy...okay, me all over again! You should see my bedroom...well, no you shouldn't see it. But, I'll get around to it. Maybe. When I want. HAHAHA! Bottom line...may I please borrow your daughter's boyfriend after he has gotten you all organized? Please? HAHAHA!

Have a good day, my friend. LUVYAMUCH-er.


Mindi said...

Sounds like you should send that young man over to my house. I have a walk-in closet I use for my stitching stash and overflow of kitchen gadgets that needs some organizing!