Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday? Friday? Eh...Just Another Day!

It's my Friday! Woo hoo! Although the week has not been a bad week, I am glad it is over again. I love my weekends, so I can hole up in my house and do what I want. Monday night I have a date with the girls. Jacquie is making Chicken Marsala for dinner and I am going there to eat, laugh and do crafty type things. I love those girls. There's an apartment full of them. the youngest is 18 and Jacquie is going to be 30 in a few days. It's something different for me, I rarely leave my house to go to anyone's home, except if it a family birthday or something like that.
I spent a lot of time when I was in my twenties living in "alternative" living quarters. When I was rebellious, I lived in my car at the harbor. Sounds stupid doesn't it? That was before there were homeless people. My boyfriend and I were working on a fishing boat getting it ready to be put in the water, so we could fish commercially. When we finally launched it, we lived on the boat. After a year of that, we got another boat, and lived there for another four years. My boyfriend had a little problem and his little problem became very irritating to me, and since I was young and flighty, I left. Which left me homeless. I had bought a truck with a camper on it, so when I came home to my harbor town, I lived on the beach in my camper for two years. The officials run every one off now, you have to pay to stay anywhere now. I finally went to school to get some sort of skill that I could use other than in water, and got a "real" job. That lead to me buying a mobile home and then into this home. During the years I spent in the car, on the boat and in the camper taught me to live well by myself. There wasn't a lot of "hey come on over to my place and watch TV" or "come have dinner"...none of us who lived in those situations had much for space. I did a lot of reading (by kerosene lantern) and crafting. And playing a lot on the beach with my dogs..there was always room for the dogs. So, I suppose what is happening here is that I spent my formative years as a recluse and it is taking me a long time to get out of the habit. I'm not unhappy about it, but there are people that I want to spend time with away from work and I just have to get into the habit of visiting and being visited. It is fun, let me tell ya.
(I'm am also coming to the realization that having a full fledged house is a lot more work than a camper!!!)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You blow up PEEPS in the microwave? Isn't that a bitch to clean up? My anal retentive brain is getting anxious just thinking about it!!

But I do think you must be one cool mom to let that action take place!!


kim-d said...

It is so fun to keep learning all of these interesting things about you, and I think it sounds like you have lived an amazing life. Almost makes me feel like I've had a real safe and sheltered life, in comparison. However, I did always tell Bill that if I could live in San Diego, I wouldn't care if I had to live in a refrigerator box. Does that count :)--HA!

I am glad, though, that you have your house and your daughter and her boyfriend there, and that you have a place to invite friends (just so you know, though, I would have been happy to hang at your car/camper/whatever with you, as long as it was near water!). It sounds to me like you have found some really nice people to hang with, and we get to a point in our lives where that is what we need. We've had adventure, we've learned a little resourcefulness, and we've had our "times"--you know the ones! Now it's good to have our own spot where we can relax and let in those who matter.

Why is it I always sound so preachy? I hope you know--and I'm sure you do--that isn't the way I mean it!!!!

(((HUGE HUG))) because I LUVYAEVERSOMUCH-er...