Friday, January 04, 2008


Work was so much fun today! NOT!!! I went in at 7am. Which means I really left my house at 6am. Stopped at Starbucks to load up on the good stuff for my fun drive. It was blowing up to 70 MPH and the rain was coming down in buckets. The first part of my trip was on the highway that goes through a eucalyptis grove and it's hillside on one side cliff on the other. The " eucys" had shed leaves, bark and their seeds all over the road. It is a treacherous place to drive and a tree can come down at any time. But what do I think??? I think, WOW, it really smells good here!

The power was on when I left home, but as I was driving into the city where I work I can see flashes of light in the sky and then the lights around me blinked out. YAY! I still have to work, we are the only hardware gig in town. Lights came right back on, then I see flashes two more times, the lights went on and off two more times. (in about a five minute period) What I was witnessing was the transformers blowing up all over town. We eventually had permanent lights out around 10am at work. That just means lots of work. Cause every one in town needs batteries, tarps boots, kerosene, etc. Cause you know we were told about this storm for the last three days and we have a tendency not to believe our weather people here. They lie a lot. So, they are telling us that there will be no lights at least the rest of today and all of tomorrow. Some even said Sunday.
My boss let me go home early, cause the road I drive is really, really scary in the best of weather. (A 400 foot drop into the Pacific Ocean in some places.) I came home and luckily the local gas station was open for business "if" you wanted premium gas. They ran out of everything else cause they were the only gas gig in town here. I want any gas, this is not a time to be out of it. I have batteries for my little punk TV just in case, and I got garbage bags. Well, ya never know, I just want to be prepared. They could be my new fashion statement.
The power was on at my house, although it was out for a good part of the day. My daughter tried to learn how to make coffee the hobo way, but said it was disgusting. I will have to teach her that someday. I hope you are all well. I am feeling a little better now that I have made a decision to not let someone else be my priority while I am just their...oh gosh what is that Kim-D????? Option? And thank you for that somehow fits right now.


kim-d said...

Man, it just keeps getting better and better there in ClaudiaWorld, doesn't it? OHGosh is RIGHT, woman! When you were talking about your drive, and the drop-off into the Pacific and the trees that could drop-on the Claudiamobile at any time? I was having visions of all those bad 1970s made-for-TV movies that showed people driving off the drop-off into the Pacific. And "Play Misty For Me." For some reason, with your wind howling and eucalyptus being strewn about and such, I thought of Clint and Jessica and "Play Misty For Me." And if that seems strange, I can tell you why that's what I'm thinking of. Because I develop a serious eye-twitch just READING about the electricity going out. That seriously bothers me because, really, what can you do with NO POWER, except sleep! And you can only do SO MUCH of that...ewww, I shudder just thinking about it. But I'm really glad that you got to go home early so you could get things taken care of there. I meant to stop by and say "hi" yesterday but I went and saw "P.S. I Love You" and got all discombobulated by that--no kidding, major brain fog--and then I learned to TEXT MESSAGE on my phone, which brought me back around a bit. So NOW here I am, practically a day late and a dollar short...but here nonetheless and so glad the Pacific did not swallow you up. And even more glad at how much better you "sound"--know what I mean, jellybean? And, yes, the word you're looking for is "option." Isn't that just the best saying ever? It's become my mantra these days; now, just to keep it in practice. Ahhh, yes...


LUVYAMUCH--and be careful out there! ;)

kim-d said...

How is it going there, in the eye of the storm? I don't even know when and if you'll get this--what with the power situation, and all of the other situations--but I needed to stop by and say hi, I'm thinking about ya, and LUVYAMUCH!

Oh, and this: (((TRIPLE HUG))) :)

tkdchick said...

Sounds scary!!! Glad you made it home safe!