Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Progress

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. My youngest left a "nice" message. It was that she would pick up her mail sometime in the future, because she was sure she had more then what I had told her about. I replied to her saying that I would tell her about all her mail because I didn't want her to miss something that may be important to HER. She messaged back that she would come by Saturday, because she was working all days every day til then. And....ta da...Thank you. What a boon to my feelings! She actually said thank you to me! It's small, but at least I know there is still some semblance of human beingness in her. She is not 100% monster. I don't have an overwhelming sense of doom in this other shoe dropping thing. I think it's just my nerves. Years ago, when I had this feeling, it was an overwhelming sense of doom and well, it turned out my instincts were right. But that's a story for another day and it's R rated for yuckiness in content.
On other fronts, I am looking forward to two full days off. They will be spent inside because the weather is being a butthead. Rain and wind. I am giving myself a few hours or so to visit with my friend tomorrow. We haven't seen each other or talked for quite a while. I was so pleased when she called out of the blue the other day. Tomorrow we will meet at Starbucks. She is bringing her 9 y/o son with her. I enjoy visiting with him too, he is quite the character. I have known him since he was two.
I am determined to pull the rest of that dang rug up, then experiment with different solutions to see what gets the adhesive off the floor the easiest and best way. I'm going to try to get my tall ladder into the garage so it can dry off. I can use that to pick the stars off the ceiling. (that just sounds funny, doesn't it?) Sounds like a country song. I'll pick the stars off the ceiling for you dear...cause for you the ceiling should be clear... okay, I won't quit my day job.
I feel antsy for some reason tonight. I wish I could figure it out. I have felt this way since I got home. It's not the message from my daughter cause I didn't read that until about 8 tonight. I wish I knew. I should try to get some sleep, big plans ahead of me, I need to start off on the right foot. I let ya know my progress tomorrow!


kim-d said...

Hey you! How fun that you get to meet up with your friend and her boy at Starbucks; isn't that fun? One of my friends and I have spent many a fun time at Caribou Coffee. It's a nice thing to do when you want to get together but you don't have a ton of time, or if you need to kill a quick half-hour or 45 minutes before a movie or something. I love doing that type of thing. Can you imagine if you and I were to get together at Starbucks? We'd probably open it up and shut it down :)!!!

And I am so glad that your Little Missy has learned common courtesy. Sometimes taking those steps back and not reacting to bad behavior is enough to shock them, especially if that's not your usual reaction. I have two words for you as far as she's concerned (well, I guess it's really three words)--slow and steady. I mean, I don't even know her and I only know you through our words to each other, but there are just some people who act better the less attention you pay to them. Which I find odd because I thrive on attention, but really! I've known so many people who only like people who don't treat them so nice. And every variation therein. Maybe that's her deal for right now??? Who knows; you just have to take it slow and steady, one step at a time. But courtesy is a great start, in my opinion.

No matter what happens with her, you and Nice Daughter and Cool Boyfriend seem to have things worked out to everyone's benefit, and it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of drama going on. Which is VERY GOOD! So, "whatever" to everything else.

Have very good days off!!!!



Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I have the nicest vision of you picking stars off the ceiling - wish I could be there to see that!!

Just promise you'll be careful on that ladder!!

Hallie :)