Friday, January 25, 2008

Short but Sweet (maybe)

I always start with something in short but sweet. Then it turns into long and arduous. I'm pooped tonight, so I think the first is what will happen. Went to our Ceramics class last night. It was FUN! We got to make three things to break ourselves in to the wonderful world of ceramics. Of course, true to myself, I wanted everything PERFECT. I made myself stop that and just enjoyed the feel of the clay and the ability to manipulate it to some form other than a square block. Our first attempts had us using about 2/3 of the first bag of clay. So after class we had to go buy another for next week. If we keep this up, this will end up being an expensive habit! (But fun and healthy!)
Our wonderful (NOT) weather is back. Today it poured on us. Can you say POURED??? OMG!
One of my coworkers called me over to a door that leads to what I call the meat locker, because of the temperature. It has a half wall that we share with the business next door. The wall is about 10 feet tall. It used to be the outside of the building. ANY way. She was getting spritz with water when she started out there, which shouldn't happen. It's totally enclosed from the outside now. I looked to see where the water was coming from and it was gushing through a vent in the roof to where it was supposed to be going, but there was so much rain coming down that the vent and drain system couldn't handle it. There was a good sized indoor waterfall, but it was not a good thing! The water leaked down the inside wall to the store and started flooding one of the aisles. What excitement. I called the managers down and then called the manager of the lumber yard next door and told him what was going on. They had to get up on the roof to clear what was causing all the back up and waterfall. Excitement done.
Then about 3, my GM called me to come upstairs to the office. As usual I felt guilty, but I didn't know, about what...I got up there and she had this look on her face... like...oh God, what did I do??? So I asked. She said nothing. I just heard the road you take home is closed and I want to you to find out if it is or not, so you don't go out of your way! She's so cool. I spent the rest of my day up there playing on the computer, cause it took me that long to get the information. And sure enough the road was closed, so I had to go the long way. About double my usual trip. Before I actually got out the door, I heard different people saying you might as well stay at our house tonight, the other road is closed too. Well, hell, that ain't gonna keep me from home and my furbabies. I told them I would try the road and give them a call and let them know what was going on. Yes, there was so much water in so many places going across the road, but they didn't close it. Phew! It meant I had to drive on a busy and fast freeway, which makes my little country self shudder at the thought, but every one was basically behaving themselves and driving right. We are supposedly in for a doozy tonight, but I'm hoping that what we had this afternoon was the doozy and we're off the hook again. I don't know how long my regular road will be closed. Last time it was down for five months. This could make me crazy.
Okay long to go do things.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I love how you ramble...I totally think you write like you talk which is why I love your blog!!


stitcherw said...

You certainly have been having your challenges lately. So sorry to hear about all the water and flooding of roads you are facing now. Hopefully it will clear sooner than you think (and certainly not take five months like it was shut down before). Your ceramic class sounds like fun. I've never tried it before, but love the look of it. You'll have to show us pictures of your creations. :)