Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Sunday

I am so tempted to just lay around today. Already I have been fussing with this computer for an hour and a half. It is trying to tell me...just take it easy. See? Even inanimate objects don't want to do anything. (like they would anyway...DUH!)
It's so cold here. Not like your cold back east, but like our cold here in the west, and they are telling us on the TV that we have another batch of rain coming through. All the way into Friday when we get a break and then Saturday, kaboom, another day of wet.
I got the rest of the rug up yesterday. I was thinking about taking the three bags of trash I made out of that room, plus a few more from the back yard up to the dumps. The first of many. I don't know how up to that I really am though. Got a bad case of the lazies. I started trying to figure out what is going to get up the adhesive from the padding under the rug. I tried DeSolve it already and that could work, but I'd like to get it up sometime in the next five years. The DeSolve it worked, but it took about ten minutes of messing with it and that was just a patch about 3 inches square, and I'm not quite sure that all the adhesive is all up from that spot. I think once I find something that will work a little quicker, I will be more into doing the room again. Unfortunately, that is the way I am. I will stall and stall until I come up with a solution and then go gang busters with it.
We do have our Ceramics class tonight. I am excited about that. I hate leaving my house, so I am struggling with that part of it, but once I am there I am all in it. Last Thursday, my daughter was tired and tried to whine and complain about half way through the class. I just told her to buck up and go with it, I am having fun and I didn't want her ruining it for me. Tonight I will take some snacky things, so she can munch on something to get her energy back up. Maybe that will make it better for both of us. Thursdays are a long day for both of us. She has class all day and I work that day. But this is supposed to be fun!
Laundry is calling. Gotta go finish that up. Whoopdeedoo!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Your not done that whole room yet? What are you doing over there? Sitting around eating bon-bons?

Hallie :)

kim-d said...

Good idea with the snacky stuff; I cannot think of even one time when that would not be appropriate :)! I am so with ya today, on the lazies. Unfortunately, I also sorta have the whiney's. I think you deserve to take it a little easy sometimes! Have fun tonight and stay warm!!!