Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Blah blah blah

So, I guess my keyboard had a little drink of iced tea yesterday. There was a confession. It was okay. The keyboard still worked, miraculously. Today though it kind of started sticking when I tapped the keys. instead of one "e", I'd get a dozen. You know, that kind of sticking. So I went out and bought a new one.
I also got a phone call at work from my middle daughter saying that we needed a new shovel. It turns out that the boyfriend kinda like broke the old one. He had left a note asking for one of the girls to call me and ask if I'd bring one home or if they didn't want to do that, a note to me saying "I'm sorry, I broke the shovel, would you please buy a new one and I'll reimburse you." Well, I think it's not necessary to make him pay for a shovel that broke, because it's old, while he's doing work in my back yard, because he is grateful that I let him stay here. I bought two shovels. One has a flat tip the other has a more pointy tip. This way we will have a shovel for all occasions. Besides, they were cheap and I get a discount. Or...he could do twice as much! HAHAHA.
Weather was nice today. On again off again clouds. No warmth though, it stayed around the low fifties all day, now it is even cooler.
I went to bed to read at around 8PM last night. I fell asleep with the book in my hand. When I woke up I tried to read some more, but it was of no use, the sandman had me in his sights. I woke up before my alarm this morning at 4:15! I tried really hard to go back to sleep, but the sandman had had his way with me and he was done! Men!
Well, I hope you are all well. Have a great day tomorrow, or today...when ever you are reading this...may it be great!


kim-d said...

HAHAHAHA--you bought two because they were cheap and he can do twice as much work! This guy sounds like a keeper; if he's toiling so hard that he kinda, like, broke the shovel? Well, I'm definitely, like, impressed! :) If it were me, I would have bought two anyway--because I usually do buy just about everything in twos. I guess it's part of my tiny OCD thing. One and a spare. Makes perfect sense to me :).

And I'm going to have to speak to that darn Mr. Sandman, because it appears he's having his way with BOTH of us! As you said...MEN! Except for the one who is such a hard worker that he's breaking shovels...hehehe. And just so you know? I really love your "blah blah blah"--isn't relatively calm such a good thing? :)


The Silver Thistle said...

The pointy shovel sounds a bit brutal, lol. What's it meant for?

Oh, wait, I know the kind you mean. Duh, I'm slow, lol.

We've got gales here too. On the walk to school with Brianna I had to hold her hand tighter than a tight thing because she's so slight, she was like a kite, ahahah.

I'm not a picker-upper either much......but my husband is cheif of the 'tidy police', lol.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Today wasn't great but there's always tomorrow.... :)