Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sometrhing old is new again.

"The boyfriend" and daughter surprised me when I came home tonight. I think they wanted to change the mood in the house. I have been a little cranky lately. Could it be tax woes, income woes, time constraints, what?!? I really don't know, but my daughter keeps blaming it on "the change". Now, that is getting my goat. Which means it is probably the case. But it's feeling like when you are not in a good mood and a man comes along and says, "Oh are you PMS'ing?" HATE that! All I know is that I want out of this mood and I want out of it you hear me? NOW! Well, I went off on a tangent, didn't I? Geez!
The surprise: Boyfriend cleared off the entire book shelf I had built years ago and then promptly loaded up with sundry items. They washed it down and started putting things back up in some semblance of order. Oh hell, now I will never find anything! The one thing that came out of it that was really great, was that they found a CD of mine I had "misplaced". It's Beethoven. In particular..Moonlight Sonata. I love, love, love that piece. Now I have to put my walkman back in my truck with the little adapter thingy so I can listen to Beethoven on my way home from work. This will change my mood for sure. I am listening to it as I write. Somehow it makes me type faster. I am just so grateful they found it.
They also picked up some BBQ somewhere and shared it with me. They told me they made a firepit in the backyard and cooked. Oh yea, right! (snicker) My daughter is out with some friends for a little while and is bring me back some ice cream from Cold Stone. Have any of you heard of that place? OMG! Ice Cream heaven. It's expensive, so it's one of those every great once in a while treats. I told her to surprise me but make it chocolatey. I hope I can stay awake long enough to enjoy it tonight.
Tomorrow is my Friday. I will spend my weekend just puttering around and picking away at all the little things that need to be done. I think I will try to get the rest of that rug up. I just want it done. Then I need to start picking away at all the junk that is on the ceiling. (The glow in the dark stars the girls put up when they were younger. So many little nit picky things to do, but it's getting there. At least I am seeing progress.
Oh and speaking of progress...I left a message on my youngest daughter's MySpace telling her that she had a tax form here from one of her jobs, what did she want me to do with it. I was expecting a snotty remark, but she just said, hang on to it, I'm sure I have other mail and I will pick it up later. Hmmm, seems she may have calmed down a bit...YAY!!!

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kim-d said...

Okay, this daughter of yours and her boyfriend? I love them. I really, really love them. They are nice and try to do things to cheer you up, and are also funny (firepit? cook? hehehe). I, too, get so sick of blaming every weird thing I do on "the change" but the fact of the matter is, it's true. Then THAT makes me even more ornery :)! Not lately, though--lately I have been really good emotionally, and it's so nice. Man, I just hope it stays this way for a while...and I hope the very same for you! Hehehe.

You, my friend, are doing so good on your house and I really admire your tenacity. While I, on the other hand, am a lazy slug. This afternoon I thought I might do a few things that really need to be done. So, to get over it, I quickly went out and saw "The Bucket List" instead. HAHAHA!

Boy, talk about a boring comment, huh? There's more stuff I want to say to you, but I think the menopausal mind is kicking in...


LUVYAEVERSOMUCH-er...really, I do love ya just EVER so much-er. YOU are so nice to ME and I appreciate it. I don't think I've ever told you that. I REALLY appreciate it, and YOU.