Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Contest

The poor guys at the Mavericks Contest! Nature seems to have a way to tell us, I am the boss, you will not do as you please. These coordinators of the surf contest, have studied for years about the wave patterns and weather patterns that will best bring in the waves worthy of a contest to call in the best surfers worldwide. These surfers are called only 24 hours in advance and come from Australia, Africa, South America, even Santa Cruz California! They all show up, adrenelin pumping in anticipation of the scariest and most life-threatening ride of their life.
Miss Mother Nature had other plans. The contest went on. Simply because thousands, maybe I should say hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent to set this contest up. The waves were less than spectacular. There was a winner, I think I heard he was from 50 miles down the road in Santa Cruz. I am sure they were all disappointed. There is something about putting your life on the line for a title. There was no one able to put their life on the line yesterday. The waves just weren't having it.
My oldest daughter surfs. I had met a friend who had a son who surfed and my daughter thought he was so cool. So, she decided she wanted to surf too. This is when she was in middle school and a total brat. I made a deal with her. If she would improve her grades, do her chores and quit calling me bad names for three months I would get her the surf board and everything she needed to surf. (Not a cheap venture!) She did it! Grades went from D's and F's to B's and sometimes A's. The chores were done on a daily basis and she tried her darndest not to call me a horrible mother and tell me she hated me.
Too soon came the day that I had to deliver on my side of the promise. I didn't have an awful lot of money back then. So, I scrambled to gather together enough funds to buy the surfboard and a wetsuit. I got to know the guy who now coordinates the Mavericks surf contest. He helped me pull together the necessities to surf, for a very comfortable price. I gave her the stuff for Christmas. She was so happy. (me too, I had a nice young lady for a daughter at the wonderful age of 13!) She couldn't quite get the surfing down, so I asked my new found surf guru what I should do. He offered to meet us at the beach and give her lessons. That catapulted her into this new and exciting world. She told me at one point that she was going to be the first female to surf Mavericks. I told her very sternly...don't tell me before you go, tell me after! I couldn't stand the nervousness of it. She has never done it. Some other girl stoled her thunder. She has surfed for the most part on a regular basis. Her boyfriend surfs too, well, ALL of her friends surf. They are nice people and care for each other in and out of the water.
I won't stand on a board. I need to sit in a kayak, and paddle calm waters...I am chicken.

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stitcherw said...

To bad the weather decided not to cooperate, I'm sure they were disappointed not to have the waves they were expecting. Loved the story on your daughter and the surfing. Isn't it amazing sometimes what we can find to get a common ground and have a relationship where we can get along. As to surfing or Kayaking, I've never tried either, but Kayaking sounds much more my style too.