Thursday, January 17, 2008

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Well, not really, thank God. I love my cat. But I got curious before I went to work today and did a pre-tax return work up since I have all the parts together here. Should not have done that. I know I shouldn't be saying this but thank the powers that be, that my income is less than it was three years ago. Three years ago, I still had a deduction. One deduction, but that was enough to get me $10 bucks back from the tax season.
Last years taxes, I had been unemployed and had absolutely no money to speak of, and my deduction had grown up too much for me to put her info on my returns. I still ended up paying the feds $600! BECAUSE...I was unemployed and needed all the money from my unemployment checks to squeak by and didn't have them take out taxes. Well, my bad. I have been trying to pay them off, catch up with old bills, etc., etc.
So this morning I do the work up on my taxes and I have to PAY AGAIN!!!!! I had the accountant at work change my w2 to 0, zero, zilch, nada, nothing. (of course, after the fact) I am going to eat it for the rest of the year, just so I don't have to pay more the year after. What??? So they can bring in more people to give out money to and services to and let them have their babies for free. Okay, I know, this is a bad avenue I am going down, but damn, I cannot afford to live in this country anymore. I am literally at lower middle class income. God forbid I should have to pay rent. I am blessed in that area, I don't have too. Otherwise, I'd be Starvin' Marvin.
I got home from work to an envelope from the feds "Notice of Intent to Levy" I got behind in trying to pay back the taxes I owe from last year, so they are going to take it out of my paycheck. Crap. I'm not filing until midnight April 15th this year, so I can catch a breath.
I need to make more money, but I am kind of stuck in my capabilities. I didn't get enough college under my belt to merit doing more than I do right now. I have all kinds of experience in hardware, customer service, and retail, but this pays squat. I'm hearing people at work say, they need to find something different, because they are maxed out on income at this store. So now I have a ceiling over my head there too.
Any suggestions?
This is where I need to implement Kim over at Kim-D's, suggestion of Think Different. Hmmmmm....


kim-d said...

Well, right now kim-d is telling you that she agrees with you 110% on the avenue you were going down. Chaps my ass to no end! If I were to check it out, based on income, I'm sure I would qualify for food stamps! Because instead of getting raises like normal people, the company where I have spent the last 30 years of my life constantly TAKES BACK percentages of what I make. Oh yeah, you and I could have a real good bitch session about this one. That is why I spend a whole lot of time looking at blogs at work--they take away 20%? I'm taking away 20% too. Not mature and not thinking differently, but this is another one of those things that it's gonna take a while to think differently about :). Oh, I could go on and on, as you could imagine. And I'm going to, when I get home. Be prepared--HAHA! Even if the Feds haul you off for non-payment of taxes, I will STILL LUVYAEVERSOMUCH-er!!!! And I will send you--



Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about how taxes work in your country. Ours go direct from our wages every payday and so unless you run your own business, you never really have any dealings with it.

Talking of running your own business ... how about starting up your own online hardware store. I use the UK one called Screwfix a lot and it's great!

The Silver Thistle said...

I don't know how the taxes work either, like 'little cat' says, if you work it's taken from your wages every month automatically, and if you're not working, you don't pay anything.

With taxes and National Insurance payments it's roughly 20% of your wage the IR take.

Sorry I'm not more help.
BUT, how about making little things to sell on ebay? I don't know how the US taxes work but here we have a personal tax level, where we can sell our stuff up to (I think it's about) £4000 which is $8000.

Little cross stitch ornaments usually sell well on ebay I've noticed.