Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shorty McShort Short

Yes short. I have to leave for work in five minutes.
My class rocked last night! We had a really great time. We did some new processes and worked on the things we started last week, and now they look more like they are supposed to look. Thursday we get to work on them finishing up and then on to bigger and better stuff.
This class is going to do me some wonders, I can tell. The snacky things??? Well, even though they were there and we knew about them, they never left my bag. We were that engrossed in what we were doing. Cool enough!
Off to work I go. It's order day. I love order day. I get to spend other people's money, and a lot of it. Of course, when the stuff comes in, I have to find places for the new things and enter them in the computer and tag them, etc, etc. Oh well, it's all in the name of "job security".
More later, I'm sure today has some great things to write about in it.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Me a funny woman? I LOVE THAT!!!

I was, however, sad to hear that your room isn't finished. I intend to keep bugging til it is!


kim-d said...

Oh yes, spending other people's money is a very fun thing! I'm glad you get to do something enjoyable at work today. While I, on the other hand, completely opted out of work today. I am SO bad and I'm very sure my name is mud around there today, and I could not care any less. Because it is SO freaking cold that it is dangerous out there. And moi, being the delicate little flower that I am......HAHAHAHA!

It sounds like you guys had such a good time last night; see what happens when you go prepared with the snacks and all? :) Just be sure to take them along everytime!

And I have got a feeling that Shorty McShort Short's favorite cousin Shorty McShorterson will be blogging over at my place today. Just because I'm lazy :)!